Three things

If you were to be stuck in the wilderness, and needed to survive, what three things would you want to have? No cars, phones, complete survival kits, etc. those just make it less fun. Only put single, survival type things in your should be able to tell if it's "cheating" or not. If you choose food, don't be outrageous in energy bar, not a case of them from costco. Guns can count, but bullets are separate...maybe ten bullets if you choose to have them as one of your three things.


  • knife
  • flint
  • Water bottle

Also, what "Creature Comfort" would you want? This can be something like a book, harmonica, stuffed animal, etc. Pets are allowed, as long as it's not your hunting dog, or your giraffe who gathers coconuts for you.

Mine is my dog, Buck. =]

Have fun, and be creative!

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HAHA you forgot the bullets.
gschoppe10 years ago
1) an axe -- thats all I need for fire, shelter, food, and the beginnings of a technological society. 2)a water bottle (w/ filter) 3)A CB Radio (with charged batteries) creature comfort? ... toilet paper
wal11 gschoppe5 years ago
toilet paper? idea I've heard
5hockwave wal115 years ago
Same here, and you can ration it by taking one square and pushing you finger through it. Then wipe with your finger, then pull the Toilet paper up your finger to wipe it off. HAHA.
wal115 years ago
saxe knife
for comfort i'd take a grey/green woolen cloak
reply if you get the refrence
(my list is serrious)
LoneWolf7 years ago
Good, strong, tough, durable, fixed blade knife.


Robe (Paracord)

As for creature comfort... My dog Brinkley.
flamesami7 years ago
-proper knife (the bigger the better, within reason)
-metal bottle ( boiling water in)
-hunting weapon or, maybe, a hatchet
creature comfort... hmmm... a nice, warm, waterproof blanket maybe...or perhaps an inexhaustible supply of bullion cubes (stock cubes) for when I didn't catch anything...this will let me survive for ages (I hope)
but if I'm going to be found pretty soon, just the knife,bottle and blanket with the creature comfort being a solar-rechargeable mp3 to pass the time or maybe a first-aid kit, if I'm injured or am likely to be.
KentsOkay10 years ago
My favorite knife As much fishing line as possible My watch (a lens for a fire, and has compass:) I carry these things on my person anyway (I have fishing line under the insole on all my shoes), so I wouldn't have to worry if i did in fact get lost in the Wildy (unless I was in Runescape of, curse, I might get Pk'ed, or a dragon might attack.... nasty way to go:( Creature comfort: a friend, male or female (female preferred:)
Lftndbt KentsOkay10 years ago
woah woah woah........ Did you just say that you keep fishing line in all your shoes??? Rofl!!!! That's fantastic!!!
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