Three things

If you were to be stuck in the wilderness, and needed to survive, what three things would you want to have? No cars, phones, complete survival kits, etc. those just make it less fun. Only put single, survival type things in your list..you should be able to tell if it's "cheating" or not. If you choose food, don't be outrageous in it...an energy bar, not a case of them from costco. Guns can count, but bullets are separate...maybe ten bullets if you choose to have them as one of your three things.


  • knife
  • flint
  • Water bottle

Also, what "Creature Comfort" would you want? This can be something like a book, harmonica, stuffed animal, etc. Pets are allowed, as long as it's not your hunting dog, or your giraffe who gathers coconuts for you.

Mine is my dog, Buck. =]

Have fun, and be creative!

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HAHA you forgot the bullets.
gschoppe8 years ago
1) an axe -- thats all I need for fire, shelter, food, and the beginnings of a technological society. 2)a water bottle (w/ filter) 3)A CB Radio (with charged batteries) creature comfort? ... toilet paper
wal11 gschoppe4 years ago
toilet paper?..........................best idea I've heard
5hockwave wal114 years ago
Same here, and you can ration it by taking one square and pushing you finger through it. Then wipe with your finger, then pull the Toilet paper up your finger to wipe it off. HAHA.
wal114 years ago
saxe knife
for comfort i'd take a grey/green woolen cloak
reply if you get the refrence
(my list is serrious)
LoneWolf5 years ago
Good, strong, tough, durable, fixed blade knife.


Robe (Paracord)

As for creature comfort... My dog Brinkley.
flamesami6 years ago
-proper knife (the bigger the better, within reason)
-metal bottle ( boiling water in)
-hunting weapon or, maybe, a hatchet
creature comfort... hmmm... a nice, warm, waterproof blanket maybe...or perhaps an inexhaustible supply of bullion cubes (stock cubes) for when I didn't catch anything...this will let me survive for ages (I hope)
but if I'm going to be found pretty soon, just the knife,bottle and blanket with the creature comfort being a solar-rechargeable mp3 to pass the time or maybe a first-aid kit, if I'm injured or am likely to be.
KentsOkay8 years ago
My favorite knife As much fishing line as possible My watch (a lens for a fire, and has compass:) I carry these things on my person anyway (I have fishing line under the insole on all my shoes), so I wouldn't have to worry if i did in fact get lost in the Wildy (unless I was in Runescape of, curse, I might get Pk'ed, or a dragon might attack.... nasty way to go:( Creature comfort: a friend, male or female (female preferred:)
woah woah woah........ Did you just say that you keep fishing line in all your shoes??? Rofl!!!! That's fantastic!!!
Yah people think I'm weird, but I'll have the last laugh when the going gets tough.
Weissensteinburg (author)  KentsOkay8 years ago
How often do you actually neennd that fishing line?
About as often as one would get hopelessly lost in the wilderness. :)
Weissensteinburg (author)  KentsOkay8 years ago
That's right! We'll see who has a bunch of gunk between their teeth after the caramel apple party!
Not me!! With my pimped out gadget boots.... Now how do it get my leatherman in there?? I can see an ible in the making here... RocketScientist.... Care to cough up some more idea's? ;P te he!
Nope, Ive gota have an entry for the laser cutter contest to!
ROFL!!! Weird is almost a title to be earned as far as i'm concerned not an insult... I commented on the fact you carry fishing, because that is a terrific and innovative idea that I wish I had thought of...b ;) I actually last night added 5m of braid line and a hook which I wrapped in gaffa, to the underlining of my hiking boots.... Thanks for the idea!
"(I have fishing line under the insole on all my shoes), so I wouldn't have to worry if i did in fact get lost in the Wildy" I always carry fishing lines with me as well, but in my socks, but I use them for magic tricks when the opportunity comes up. I also carry invisible elastic thread tied in loops on my wrists.
Floss might actually be more useful....it can be used to fish with, but sooooo much more
You can also keep fishing line in the inside of your hat
That would be for a forest survival situation. If it's Armageddon then I'd want: Aragorn's Ranger sword (has knife in scabbard:) An attractive human female, whom I could happily spend my life with until the Doctor comes to put things right A Desert Eagle Version 5 with clip (already loaded) I would scavenge for food, and take my companion to a Twinkie factory, for they survive nuclear wars. If I bump into King Arthur, I'll be able to join up, if I bump into hostiles I should be able to scare them off with either of my weapons
Bran KentsOkay8 years ago
An attractive human female, whom I could happily spend my life with until the Doctor comes to put things right

I like how you specified "human".
its a lion Bran8 years ago
are vampires human?
Vampires scary, I met one...
i know, thats why i asked that. i was just wondering how many people picked up on it.
Ahh, no one yet
They are human enough for me if it's Armageddon! ;P
KentsOkay Bran8 years ago
You know which Doctor I'm talking about right?
Bran KentsOkay8 years ago
No, sorry, I don't.
KentsOkay Bran8 years ago
Doctor Who ? ;-)
A strong knife (of the "No, that's a knife" variety - big enough to be useful, but not so big as to be useless for carving )
A plastic tarp or flysheet (I can build waterproof shelter, but it's much simpler with a tarp)
A stainless steel water container (one I can boil water in)

Creature comfort: yeah, probably my harmonica (actually might also be useful in confusing or startling any dangerous wild animals in emergency)

Anything else, I can make. I know several ways to start a fire. I know how to make strong cord, weave baskets, build shelter, make a warm bed, find food...
*My trusty lock knife *My Zippo - it has extra flint inside the case and I repacked it with more absorbent cotton so it lives for about three weeks *The reel of steel wire on my desk, there's nothing it can't do My creature comfort would either have to be a carton of marlboro reds or a one of my female friends if those two couldn't be had a very large bottle of vodka to simulate them will do.
Lextone8 years ago
Magnesium fire starter block for starting a fire. A sheath knife with at least a 7 inch Carbon Steel blade. Nice size for chopping, cleaning game and sitting around whittling. I can sharpen it on a rock when it gets dull. A 2 quart pot for boiling water and cooking stuff. For comfort a rain poncho. I can wear it for warmth, or if its raining. I can make a shelter out of it, a raft, a hammock, or stuff it with leaves and pine boughs and use it as a mattress. I could be pretty comfy for a month with these items. Now for my outrageous list..... A hot blond... A hot brunette... A hot redhead... And for comfort....A full keg of ice cold beer... With my luck though I'd wind up with 3 Ice cold women and a boiling hot keg of skunked beer.... ;o)
John Smith8 years ago
-My knife (the sheath holds a sharpener, and has holes for string, it is full tang, with a base that can be used as a hammer. Also, it has holes in the blade guard thing for strapping it to a stick to make a spear. It also has a serrated top for cutting wood, I believe.)

-Windproof butane lighter -or- a button-start propane torch (if that is not considered cheating)

-bow, any type, as I could make arrows for it using my knife, finding feathers from birds I killed with my spear/knife, and blades from glass bottles I'd find along the trail.

Comfort? Depends. I'd pick a human if they were capable, and knew survival stuff too, preferably a female, although it would probably be easier with male. (they would have strength on their side, and probably wouldn't complain ;D)
Considering that, I would pick a dog, or a shelter that I "found"

In short:
-lighter/torch (see above)

Comfort: Human, dog, or shelter (see above)
tomonto8 years ago
a telephone gps sword and........Survivorman (i still think id die in under 1 day)
not crapping on anyone....... but why does everyone say a lighter or matches?...... I mean if its only gonna be a few days thats good to have but if your stuck for a long time your lighter is gonna crap out on you eventually........probably won't have it that long if it gets damp at night ........ matches....... if it rains your screwed. its not that hard to make fire......... and when your stuck..... even if you don't know how..... you'll figure it out within the first couple days......... you could use that spot for something more useful for extended periods
Weissensteinburg (author)  chaoscampbell8 years ago
I chose flint...It's easy to get going, water proof, lasts a long time, and will save a LOT of energy when trying to get a fire started. Once i have one, i'd hope to keep one going all the time, or at least to have some embers in a "fire bundle" at all times.
Make sure the knife is carbon steel (and hardened on the back) because stainless steel won't make sparks...
Kiteman8 years ago
Hmmm.... time to pinch ideas My Leatherman, A magnesium fire-starter, Waterbottle with a decent filet, And my luxury item - a decent book of survival techniques.
Weissensteinburg (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
*Imagines a water bottle with filet mignon stuck inside*
*feels hungry, wants steak*
Ummmmmmmm.... STEAK OWNS!!!!!!!

Note to self - do not rely on spell-checkers.
Brennn108 years ago
a calendar to eat the dates a bed to use the springs to get water oh yea, a lighter Hehe
zachninme8 years ago
Not sure about the whole survival thing, but I'd bring my copy of GEB:EGB as comfort -- great book -- AMAZING book!
. If you can understand that book, you're much smarter than I. Very interesting, but I didn't understand it.
GEB? Godel, Escher, Bach?

I flicked through a copy years ago (it was my cousin's - he was a bit of a prodigy, reading it and getting it when he was about 10). Interesting, and worth a proper read.

I'll have to keep an eye out for it now...
. I have a copy in paperback ... somewhere. If you want it, I'll dig it out. Might not be worth shipping across The Pond, but send me a SASE and it's yours.
Thanks, but probably not worth it - I'll look for a second-hand copy nearer.
>(it was my cousin's - he was a bit of a prodigy, reading it and getting it when he was about 10) .I first picked it up 4 years ago, and I was getting it -- but I've still picked it up and figured out more puzzles that are embedded in the book... its amazing like that, the whole thing is meta-selfreferental... its beautiful.
Oh, also, in 1-3 years, after I've taken enough french in school, I plan to sit down with the French version of the book, and "solve" all the little "puzzles" that he has planted around the book -- theres no point in re-reading the entire thing :P

I was reading the 1-star ratings on Amazon, and I don't think they quite understood it, they all seemed it was too scattered and unconnected -- which it *does* appear to be on the surface, but it is connected underneath.

OTOH: I love TNT -- I wish it was used IRL, it's very nice.
Probably..... my leatherman a camera (not digital w/ detachable lens a coffee can Comfort? My best friend. How'd I survive?! Use the camera lens to light a fire (woot! fires!) pot is for getting water/cooking, but could also be used for a hat, leatherman for making things (mostly for my best friend) and......... my best friend to take nice walks and pictures with!
Awww..you'd bring me? That's so nice of you! *pictures josh with a coffee can on his head*
Hehe..... no, not you silly!

Ellen =)
zieak8 years ago
A leatherman A space blanket 50 feet of fishing line or parachute cord Creature comfort - a change of socks.
An ax or hatchet of some sort, preferably not that heavy because I'm a weakling. A heavy wool blanket - one of those cheap emergency ones you carry in your car. A box of matches. And creature comfort: I'd say a book. Maybe a dictionary or encylopedia. Anything else wouldn't last me very long, and I don't see myself packing the collected works of J.K. Rowling or Philip Pullman around with me. :P Or I could finish The Ancestor's Tale, haha.
Juklop8 years ago
Hatchet. Flashlight Backpack. Comfort? Hmm... A hand puppet.
jtobako8 years ago
A good double-bit ax (one side ax sharp, the other knife/razer sharp). A sharpening stone, multi-grit. A largish water jug-about a gallon. Creature comfort would be a blanket-does that count? Pets have to be fed and watched, not something I'd want in a survival situation : ) Much easier (for me) to start a fire with friction than flint, and a knife is to easy to break or to small for some jobs like digging or chopping. The large water bottle is so that I don't have to keep finding or going back for water.
guyfrom7up8 years ago
I'd bring: gun bullets a wicked laser, or a bunch of waterproof matches, or a lighter I don't need a bottle of water (inless I'm in a desert, my supplies are for like a forest) because if I were just to use a big leaf, I could put river water in that and boil it in the leaf, wait for it to cool, and drink
oh and if possible I'd bring a rubber ducky
NachoMahma8 years ago
. Depends. . If it's a lost-in-the-woods, will-be-rescued-in-a-few-days type of survival I'd want a signaling device (mirror, large cloth), something to keep me warm at night, and something to start a fire with. . If it's a end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it catastrophe, then a gun, ammo, and a hand-cranked CB radio.
Goodhart8 years ago
Definitely my Barlow pocket knife (had it since I was about 12, and even though it is over 38 years old, it holds an edge like no other)

The "water bottle" I would want would have to have a filter that could be rinsed out,

let's see.....I would hope there would be hard rocks, ie flints on the ground, so don't need that nor the matches.....hmmm I think I will choose a decently made hatchet as my third thing.

You mention "pets" as a creature comfort......does that include a Pet, as in the slang meaning in Britain ? :-)

Really, the only thing that would comfort me, is "more than one item" and that is my library of books. *sigh*
i would bring: My knife my gun ( with ammo obviously) and my best friend Your three things sound like Bear Grylles three things. (from Man Vs. Wild on discovery channel)
Weissensteinburg (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
I'm not familiar with another meaning specifically associated with Britain...are you thinking of the BDSM term?
Oh, wait Andy Capp is British, right ? He calls his wife "pet" :-)
Lftndbt8 years ago
Can of petrol.. Lighter.. Red piece of cloth.. I'd write "HELP ME!" in large petrol letters... Then set on fire with the lighter.... Start running! and signal to the fire spotting heli's/plane's with the red cloth as they pass over.... And get me the hell outta there... Before the fire spread too much... Comfort.... Maybe, some aloe gel for the burns i'd surely recieve in the process...:)
a multitool a sharp hatchet toilet paper comfort.... a solar powered stereo.....like for tunes..... loaded with MP3's or that will pick up a good rock station
A windproof lighter A powerful slingshot A filtering water bottle Basically I would hunt down some wildlife with a slingshot and I'd use rocks as the projectile, make a fire, and cook it. As for the compfort, I'd bring..hmmmm....A book... perhaps a book about survival.
CameronSS8 years ago
Let's see... Large box of dental floss (very strong stuff) My nonexistent Instructables Juice (or any good multitool) Magnesium fire starter Creature comfort: Possibly my cat, who I do actually like when he's not busy chewing on my arm...Or maybe my nonexistent Sony ebook thing with my custom solar panel back, stocked with books...Just how long m I stuck out here for?
a good knife, a compass. wire for tying or a snare
haha cool! ok so ummm lets see.... i will bring a....... Knife waterproof matches and water jug and since i dont have any pets my.......... ps2 LOL JK ummm probably a picture of my friends and family