Tim Anderson

Meet Tim Anderson!

He's the co-founder of Z-Corp 3D printers, host of the Know How Show, author of the Heirloom Technology column in MAKE magazine, and the most prolific Instructables author with 222 projects and counting!

So, besides teaching you how to get a free yacht and how to fly a hydrofoil, what is Tim doing for the betterment of humanity? 

Here's how he describes it in his profile: Tim's philosophy involves building minimum-consumption personal infrastructure from recycled scavenged materials.  Redirecting the waste stream.  Doing much with little.  A reverse peace-corps to learn from poor people all over the world.

In practice, this means traveling the world documenting traditional Pacific Island sailing canoes, collecting handy tricks from Australia, Guatemala, Indonesia, and the US, and teaching us how to repair or reuse almost anything.  (When you're done with the Handy Tricks series, check out his Instructable showing How Not To.)   You can also learn how to move a tree, or keep an old truck running.

He's a believer in Garbage Santa, who leaves "trash" treats for creative people to find and repurpose, and can do almost anything with recycled bike innertubes.  He's also an enthusiastic sailor, bicyclist, and kiter who builds all of his own equipment - check out his ice gear in this video:

So, are you inspired yet?  Do you believe in Garbage Santa? 
And which Tim Anderson project are you most likely to try?

This post has been sponsored by Pepsi. The Pepsi Refresh Project celebrates the people, businesses, and non-profits with ideas that will have a positive effect on our world.

Picture of Tim Anderson
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=SMART=7 years ago
Tim is one cool dude.

I love the picture of the turtle ! Haha its face is so funny
Kiteman =SMART=7 years ago
The photo just after he gets Tims nose is ... less funny.
Umm, is that the proper way to grab a turtle?
.  Not on the first date
Some turtles are a bit easier than others.  But it looks like this one needs a few drinks first.
Yeah, but if it DOES  get hold of you, they have this "separation anxiety" thing and don't want to let go.
The old saying I remember (at least in N. Mississipi) is "a snapper won't turn loose on it's own, until it thunders". 

I think that was more of a reccomendation (that you go ahead and cut his head off), rather than waiting for the critter to turn loose on it's own.

Either way, whether you're going to make friends or you plan to remove the "beak"/mouth from your hand:  SOMEBODY is gonna need a few drinks!
Which is why the Green Turtle makes a "safer" stew (of course, any turtle can latch  onto you, but they might be less aggressive)   ;-) 
True, but the green turtles don't usually make for great stories.

For example: 

Have I told you about the time a big snapper took SkunkbaitJR's pliers (and almost took his fingers)?...... 

Long story short-Pleasant day fishing, VERY angry snapper, Snaps at hand but gets pliers, hail of gunfire, turtle soup.
Well, that is the type of story that I personally would rather avoid, myself :-)   It was bad enough having a "channel catty" chomp down on my hand as I tried to remove a hook, she had greedily swallowed whole.  SHE gave us two servings at meal though for that bite:  Catfish for two (she was a BIG one) and poor man's caviar.  :-)
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