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I am new to intractable.  I am inspired by the community.  I found it because I had made a creation and I wanted an outlet the share it.  For me creating is one of the most satisfying experiences.  Most other things only get in the way.  I always wish I had unlimited resources and enough free time to create to my heart’s desire.  Today I had a realization that made me feel much better about all of life’s other obligations.  It is the problems in daily life that inspire me to create.  My most recent creation that I shared was a tool box I made for work.  Only because I have work bogging me down did I need this creation.  I am now very happy with the box.  I wish I had more time and money to create but if I did I am afraid I may not have the desire to create.

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I haven't worked in five years and I never run out of things to do.
HartKyle83 (author)  Josehf Murchison4 years ago
Your comment only makes sense if you aren't working because you are extremely wealthy and don't need the money.
Untrue. People stop working after they retire, and still have lots of "work" to do.
HartKyle83 (author)  kelseymh4 years ago
People don't suddenly have unlimited resources because they retire. My point is that I am glad I have normal people stuff to do because it inspires my creative process. If I was out of work or retired I would still have normal people problems. I don't know how having a "job" is getting mingled into all this.
It's mingled in because you introduced it. You claimed, twice, that "not working" implies "wealthy and don't need money." Therefore, you are conflating the concepts of "work" and "job," which are not equivalent. Lots and lots of people do lots and lots of work, often entirely separate from whatever they do for their "job."
HartKyle83 (author)  kelseymh4 years ago

I told josehf his comment didn't make sense as a reply to my initial statement unless he also had a lot of resources. I said I sometimes wish I had time and resources. He replied by telling me he had time. I could quit my job (I don't even have a real job is the crazy part of all this, I just call earning food and shelter my job whatever it is) but I would be left with less resources. I can have any one I want, but not two. Josehf said hey, I have the one you don't have. You both seem kind of offended like I am insulting you . So if you are rich and have a lot of time and love to create meaningful things that matter to regular people then you are the person that I sometimes wish I was. My reason for posting my initial comment was that I am probably closer to the person I want to be now then I would be if I had those two things (not one of those things like I currently have)
HartKyle83 (author)  kelseymh4 years ago
I never once said anything that connected not working with having money. You are putting words I said in quotation and then connecting them with words of your choice. You chose the word implies. I made a creation for my job which brought me a lot of satisfaction. I said I sometimes wish I had enough time and resources to create to my hearts desire. Why would I say both time and resources? Why didn't I just say time? Fill me in on how you decided you could take the liberty to use the word implies.
Retire is dead in French and I’m not dead yet.
Heh! Retire also means changing out those whitewalls on your Dodge Charger :-)
Not my problem, don’t drive eyesight :-)
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