Time to Vote!

It's time to vote on the Christmas Contest entries!

Click here to see the decoration contest entries, and vote for all those you think deserve it.

You can vote for more than one entry, but don't vote for them all, or it's not worth voting at all.

(And don't forget that the Gift Contest closes on the 4th as well.)

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LinuxH4x0r8 years ago
What?! No shameless plugs? I'm impressed!
I'll take care of the shameless plug when the Craftman contest voting opens tomorrow :-)
You haz my vote, but I see no place to register it. :(
Argh. I waswuz wrong -- the contest is open through 4 Jan 2009, not until 4 Jan. Voting starts on Monday, Pacific time, probably at noon.

But thanks! I'm hoping to get something, but there are much better projects in there for the grand prize.
Yay! It works. "Is this project a winner?" You bet your bacon! Voted. Now we see if your spam skills are as finely honed as Kiteman's. :-P
That is very nice (and yes, it's worthy of a vote). You might post the link over in Adrian's Orangeboard. She mentioned in a discussion thread that she's learning to weld.
Thanks! I'll definitely show it to her
Kiteman (author)  stinkymum8 years ago
I voted for you!
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