Tiny Raised Letters?

I am looking for tiny raised characters, somewhere around size 10 font or smaller. It doesn't matter what they are made of, but I need the entire alphabet, preferably multiples of each character . The 'Made In China' text you find on almost anything plastic is the character size I'm in search of.

Anyone have any ideas? Label maker characters are too large. I didn't see any rubber stamps with tiny characters at the local craft stores. I don't know if Ponoko can cut characters this small, but I don't think I could get something back from them in time. 


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You can use laser etching to make a mould for tiny letters.

thenewgirl6 years ago
I was looking for the same thing and found these: http://railwaymodels.tripod.com/

They are for train models! :)
wizgirl (author)  thenewgirl6 years ago
Woah! Awesome! Thanks!
crapflinger6 years ago
if you can find an old style label maker, those used to emboss the letters onto the label tape. i would imagine that they had some that could print that small (maybe?)...then you'd have tiny raised letters that are self adhesive
wizgirl (author)  crapflinger6 years ago
thanks! i got an embossing label maker, and modified my design a bit (letters are bit bigger than i planned). it's working great!
Goodhart6 years ago
If you can find an OLD typewriter, you can experiment with a variety of sheets (vinyl, acetate, etc) without the "ribbon".

Oh wait, that will make them backwards.....hmmm, let me think about this a bit more.  
Kiteman6 years ago
Sounds like you need Letraset transfers.
That is the easy way out...you should be using submicro rapidograph technical pens with a triangle and t-square by hand and walk 5 miles barefoot through a snowstorm up and down the valley on a dirt path to get to school...
Hey, being a Featured Maker doesn't entitle you to that sort of nostalgia.

You have to be an old Featured Maker...
indeed t ;-)
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