Tiny Screens (Like LCD)

Im trying to make my own didgital watch that can show weather and all other stuff as well as tell the time. I need the screen to be cheap, thin, and a little bigger then a quarter (watch size.) Anyone have any ideas as to waer I can get screen this size?

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schorhr10 years ago
It all depends on the type of thing you want to accomplish.
If you want to use a microcontroller like the avr atmel atmega/attiny or the pic series, you might want to check out if there are well documented projects and use the displays used there, just to have a base to work from.





If you just want to play arround, you could use a LED dot-matrix display (as in http://www.techdigest.tv/2006/04/dot_matrix_watc.html ). It would be enough for simple scroll-through text, crude symbols and the time :-)

While even a small attiny can charlieplex 5x4 LEDs, it might be better to use a controller-IC to controll a "screen" with higher resolution.
Aerandirel (author)  schorhr10 years ago
i had an idea of making a basic smart watch, except with the clock dial as an lcd screen. Seems really too advanced for me though im just a noobie...
Rome was not built on one day :-) My advice would be that you look into microcontrollers such as the atmel avr "attiny" series for example. They are inexpensive, programmer kits or diy-plans are inexpensive, and many tutorials using different programming tools and languages make it easy to get started. Making such a watch without a microcontroller is probably nearly impossible. There are timer and clock ICs, but those usualy drive 7 segment displays such as those in simple calculators, not graphic displays. But if you describe your project in more detail, maybee someone has a simple solution for the electronics. Anyway, back to microcontrollers, its a fun hobby, and they can do so much. Start by switching a few LEDs for example which can be done with just a handfull of components.
zachninme10 years ago
Sparkfun has a $20 "Nokia knock-off" screen, 128x128 pixels, color, about 1inx1in...
I don't know if thats what you want or not...
Aerandirel (author)  zachninme10 years ago
yea something that size is perfect, doesnt have to be good resolution, just something that can display like rough picture of a cloud or something, or display text.