Tiny turret design

This is an itty-bitty turret that I thought of.
The only downsides I can think of are:
-Only 4 shots
-Sorta difficult to make a gun for it.

Picture of Tiny turret design
002 - Copy.JPG
003 - Copy.JPG
KnexFreek5 years ago
i made a gun for it but it sucks and uses string. i hate string uhmm change sorta hard to very hard lastly how do u do small text
travw (author)  KnexFreek5 years ago
Just put a carrot in front of what you want small.
travw (author)  KnexFreek5 years ago
Oops. It didn't do it. Oh well, just put one of these: on each side of whatever you want small.
travw (author)  KnexFreek5 years ago
I already made a gun for it
To do little text, do this: A carrot on each side, I put two, to demonstrate.
i might use it for a prototype break-action revolver i'm working on, since i am low on pieces, i'll give credit if it works out
travw (author)  ShadowChaosControl5 years ago
Cool. Keep me updated!
AWESOME. Perfect for revolvers! Fived and faved.
travw (author)  Miles Tails Prower5 years ago
Thanks! Think you'll use it for something?
i might make something iwth this, but doesnt the white rod inside it jam?
travw (author)  knex_mepalm5 years ago
The white rod doesn't get shot out.
so wheres the ammo?
travw (author)  knex_mepalm5 years ago
Just like with any other turret, you put it into the front, and it's held in place.
I guess. I think i'll make a revolver.
Bartboy5 years ago
I might use it.
travw (author)  Bartboy5 years ago
Ok, for what?
Bartboy travw5 years ago
A gun.. No idea, but it's easier to tell you now, then later.
travw (author)  Bartboy5 years ago
Ok, will you post if it works out?
Bartboy travw5 years ago
bigdylan915 years ago
can i use it ill maybe just make a fancy killer k pistol with a turret?
travw (author)  bigdylan915 years ago
Um, sure... But I posted a small block trigger with this turret to show people how it would look, so there's really no point, as anyone could do it.
i never thought of this before. 5*
travw (author)  Raz1r Knex Bull3t5 years ago
Thank you.
your welcome
DJ Radio5 years ago
Can I use this turret design for a gun that I am making?
travw (author)  DJ Radio5 years ago
Absolutely. Just please give me credit in the intro.
DJ Radio travw5 years ago
forget it.
Come on man. People deserve credit for their ideas. I mean you wouldn't want for someone else to come and use your idea and not give you credit. ~~You would fight up a storm.~~
I said "forget it" as in "Im not gonna make a gun with this turret"
It sounds like your saying that because you don't wanna give him credit.
Well I was too tired to think about the wording of my comment. I shoulda said "forget it, im not gonna make a gun with the turret"
knex mad5 years ago
please can i use this on my new revolver its going to look really good with this ill still give credit and 5*on this man awsome
travw (author)  knex mad5 years ago
Absolutely dude. Just mention me in the intro, and I hope the revolver works out well!
knex mad travw5 years ago
thanks yeh once ive fineshed ill post pictures but i dont no if i should do the size of a short 44 magnum or as long as a colt i think maybe 44 but ill work it out thanks again very grateful
travw (author)  knex mad5 years ago
Cool, and no problem.
Looks good man, I'll use it soon. And you'll get credit.
travw (author)  Killer~SafeCracker5 years ago
Cool, thank you. I'll be using it in an instructable soon too!
I'm in the process of making the instructable.
So can I use it??
KillerPanda5 years ago
It would make a good revolver