Tips, Tricks and helpful strategies for those dealing with behavioral issues.

Due to the huge response to Supersoftdrink's Sensory Seeker and Counterchangeracing's One Legged Therapy Stool from a huge variety of people looking for ideas and help for themselves or their children, I believe there is a need for a designated category. Nothing medical or diagnostic but of ideas that have worked for people, how to make or use equipment, gadgets etc. When you look at the two sites Ive referred to you will see that many different needs and "issues" are asked about.
I stress no diagnosis or medical at all. Please give this your consideration.

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NachoMahma7 years ago
. Although, as kelseymh and Kiteman point out, Ibles is more about making things, I (and I'm sure many other Iblers), would not be at all disappointed to see Ibles become the go-to place for AT, "adaptive behaviors and interventions", and other "disability"-oriented DIY projects. I see no reason that the two worlds can't work together until one or the other group is large enough to venture out on its own.
. As far as How-to-deal-with instructions, that might be better implemented at ADD, autism, &c sites. Not that they would be unwelcome here (I imagine that the Ibles community will help where they can), it's just that it's not what Ible's is about.
. That said, if you can take pictures of it, I doubt that Robot (or anyone else) will complain. :)
.  Oh! As far as making AB&I a reality on Ibles, in no particular order:
  • start a Group
  • get someone in the AT Group (kelseymh?) and any other even remotely related Groups to trade links to each other's Group
  • start publishing your iBles (add the iBles to your Group)
  • make a Guide on your subject
  • discretely advertise your Group, Guide, and iBles on other sites. Some sites may not allow this, respect their wishes.
.  Good luck. If you need help, just ask. Most folks around here love to help.

craftyv (author)  NachoMahma7 years ago
Thanks: I have a lot of knowledge about "things" that can help. (as previously described) but my ability to navigate the Guides, Groups, Forums,Links and Ibles is currently none exisistant. Your Itemised list is great, Thanks .
Yes, if "starting a group" appears intimidating, most anyone here can be of assistance and would be happy to help.
NachoMahma7 years ago
. Does this look like what you are talking about?
craftyv (author)  NachoMahma7 years ago
Not exactly. I think there are some problems. Ist. The title "Assistive Technology" would never attract me because of the Technical and mechanical slant to the site. I suppose my interest is in adaptive behaviors and interventions which are not technical at all, rather more hands on. I cannot do tech things so I wouldnt even look there. Although some of the Ibl's may be applicable most are about the "machinery" of disabilities rather than the behavioural needs. The comments and questions that were recieved in the two examples I gave were from people who had a variety of difficulties and were asking if this idea could help them.
Thanks for your response.
Kiteman craftyv7 years ago
If you are suggesting a section for tips on managing the behaviour of, for instance, people with ADHD, then this is not an appropriate website.

If, though, you are talking about projects you can do with such individuals with therapeutic intent, then
Oh God. Something ate Kiteman mid-sentence!! The horror!
I think he broke the Internet, again.
Our school internet went down last week - I was teaching a lesson, but writing on an ordinary whiteboard.

A member of the IT department* stuck his head around my door, looked at me, and then shouted over his shoulder; "No, he's not, it wasn't him".

*That is, half of it.
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