Tips for new Blackberry user?

Suddenly I got an overwhelming urge for a Blackberry so I went down to the local telco store and got myself a BlackBerry Curve 8310 (the one with the camera and GPS). I'm sure that there are a lot of tips&tricks to learn and good utilities / applications to download to enhance the functionality of this little neat device. Does anyone have any tips or pointer to good websites for blackberries except the official blackberry-site and handango?

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tbilisoft7 years ago
Register at MyBlackBerry
one and only tip. GET RID OF IT.... theres a name for these things, crackberrys!! my dads got one, hes on it all the time and developed carpel tunnel syndrome. he types on it while driving, its freakin dangerous!
Goodhart9 years ago
i tried that link..... now i really want a blackberry. my ds dreams are accusing me of cheating on them for other electronics thanks to you (j/k). actually a pretty good link.
:-) Thanks, I forget how I stumbled onto that one.....
NachoMahma9 years ago
. Google "free Blackberry apps"
tech-king9 years ago
dont jump in a pool with it in your pocket. this actually happened to a friend of mine 's sister. cell phone and mp3 player needed new batteries after that disaster.
matseng (author)  tech-king9 years ago
I'll try to avoid that. :-) I'll also try to avoid having it in my frontpockets of my trousers when I'm out taking a walk. With 80+% humidity and temperatures ranging from a low and nice 30C(86F) to a hot 50C(122F) it's probably gets a bit too sweaty and damp for the blackberrys liking. But I definitely absolutely refuse to wear it in one of those nerdy and butt ugly belt holsters. To have a phone on your belt is as bad as wearing a tie to a short sleeved shirt or using socks in your sandals when wearing shorts....
if you are a true geek, you must use one, to showcase your device and demonstrate superiority over those who have less powerful or no pdas.