Tips on working/talking with teenage kids? (Teachers, parents... help!)

Specifically teenage girls. 10-13. Right now I'm helping teach an after school program for middle school girls. We teach them about being healthy - eating right, having good body image, exercising properly, etc. We have very few volunteers, but next week it's just going to be me and the site leader. I called my mom to ask for advice, and she laughed and said she never figured any of this stuff out, but if she thinks of something, she'll call me. :P We have 20-30 girls depending on the day. Any ideas for keeping them focused and on task? This is really my first time working with kids where I'm in an authority position, so I do need a little help and encouragement. Normally I'm just on the sidelines helping out and not stepping in and telling people what to do! Any words of advice? :D

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sarahduncan7 years ago
Try being funny, tell them jokes, make your tasks funny :) make them laugh!
KentsOkay8 years ago
Ohh s*h*t is the first thing that crops into my mind . I would recommend at least ASKING them to sop txt'ing long enough to listen to you. Don't try to be "hip" funny, you'll fail epically. You have the good fortune of being rather humorous naturally, so dont fake anything and be yourself. Well thats my two bits..
jessyratfink (author)  KentsOkay8 years ago
Ack, the cell phone thing. Have I mentioned I hate cell phones? They're not as bad as some kids I've encountered, though. Seriously, question of the day: what could a seven year old possibly have to talk about for hours on a cell phone? (I've seen it happening where I work and I want to understand.) "Well, Nicole came over and we played barbies. Her barbies are ugly. Mine have better clothes. Then I ate some Cheetos. My mom told me to stop eating Cheetos and I was all like, 'NO MOM I LOVE CHEETOS!' and she took them away. Can you believe that? Did you hear that Kevin pulled Sarah's hair on recess? He's such a meanie. Oh, and Eric has cooties! I heard it from a very reliable source... your mom." And I will try very hard not to be hip.
I can't believe how many seven year olds have cell phones now a days! And half of them have a nicer cell phone than I do.
Bleh, I don't even have a Cell phone, And I am 13!
My boy keeps falling in the creek/pond with his! I make him carry it when he's hunting/fishing/trapping.
i fell in a lake with mine once (the lake was filled with poop) (and i saw horseshoe crabs in it once)
Wow!   We've learned to use ziplock bags when there's water involved.
My brother has broken/lost a bunch of phones when it comes to water... The most memorable times was when he dropped it off the boat he was working on and the other time was when he dropped it in his glass of beer :P
Ha ha ha....dropped it in a glass of beer  (sorry for laughing, but that WAS funny).  I have never  dunked my cell phone, but I have washed my wallet in the toilet at least once (accidentally of course  :-)  It gets caught, being in the back pocket, and flips out just as the water is going down from a flush
what?  TMI ?   :-) 
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