Titanic: Adventure out of time

Titanic: Adventure out of time is the best computer game I have ever played. It was released in 1996 by cyberflix. The main plot begins on the titanic the night the ship hits the icberg. You have a mission with many sub missions, that inclueds finding many items and doing many other things. You mission all boils down to getting 4 items. Depending on what you get and what you dont, you alter the corse of history. The optimum ending stops WW 1 and 2 and the cold war from happening. Its a truley awesome game

Anyway, the reason Im posting this forum is I would like to discuss it with other people. If you have this game or have played it, Post a comment and you will be bombarded with questions from me :-)


Wikipedia link about this game.

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Bartboy9 years ago
For PC? I need it for SNES N64 or MAC, will buy if for one of those.
I_am_Canadian (author)  Bartboy9 years ago
It wotks on mac.
Will try to buy, but I mean wll it work on 10.4 or 10.5?
I_am_Canadian (author)  Bartboy9 years ago
No idea... Sorry.
That would mean a newer computer, one that is not beige.
I_am_Canadian (author)  Bartboy9 years ago
I dont have a mac or anything.
not, mac........ you betrayed me!!!!!!!!!!
I_am_Canadian (author)  Bartboy9 years ago
Windows! (sucks!)
Not that bad...better for games...
unles get dual platform, like me.
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