To All People In The Greater/Metro Vancouver Area

Let's do something... epic.....

Sometime in the next 3 months (to be announced), I want to see everyone that looks at this topic to show up at a location in the Vancouver area (to be announced-yes, another thing), with as many throwies and floaties as you want to bring (preferably over 20, as we will release them onto the city sometime at night (t.b.a. - wow, this isn't very organized). If you're looking for parts, Active Tech (1st and Boundary in Vancouver) has the cheapest LEDs, in $15 100 packs. Batteries you can get from dollar stores. The point of this is to have a a little fun, and to annoy the horsemen.
Let me know your ideas on a time and location.

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urbanscrawl9 years ago
i'm in van, and like the idea.. but not so hot on putting hundreds of balloons and batteries into the ocean - which is where they'll end up. throwies - awsome, floaties - not so much. unless we can figure out a way to keep them on a leash, or get em back?
Use fireflies...when they drop into the ocean, the salmon will love them!! Batteries are included, and they don't even really need balloons. Then, if we could train the fireflies to spell....
Tie them to a *long* string with a party weight on one end.
lucidn (author) 9 years ago
Balloons are bio-degradable. And Vancouver BC, Canada.
ohhhhhhhhhh havent been to Vancouver Canada, but i have been to Vancouver Washington. very nice little place. anyone been to white rock BC canada? (cant make it, if this were during the summer id attend.)
im in van... sounds cool....
lucidn (author) 9 years ago
Granville Island/ The Granville Street Bridge for a location?
ledzep5679 years ago
vancouver canada or vancouver washington?
Really smart idea, would definitely come, but can't, I'm in L.A. (Los Angeles, not Louisiana.)