To All World of Warcraft Players!

I have created a group for fellow Warcraft players such as myself and I urge all who play World of Warcraft to join!

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All my toons are on Drenden, I have a lvl 60 Tauren protection paly (tank duh :), a lvl 30-something Night Elf balance Druid (dps), A lvl 20-something Human rogue (dps), and a few others I rarely play.
Im a level 15 (just a couple points away from 16) Night Elf Hunter, on Baelgun. I also have a level 4 or 5 Night Elf Druid on another one, but I rarely play him
Actually, now my Night Elf Hunter is level 19, and I got rid of my other elf and made a Tauren Warrior, level 10 now, both on Baelgun
Kraethi8 years ago
Perenolde, Kraethi :)
paperninja9 years ago
this is kinda old but i have a level 70 tauren druid (healer and i think im pretty good) i have no life =( also is anyone else planning to get WOTLK?(wrath of the lich king expansion pack) im going to respec to moonkin i saw the talent tree it rocks.
now i have a lvl 80, lvl 71, and 2 60s and have WOTLK
dogpoop9 years ago
im in burning legion my toon is stallas
dogpoop9 years ago
yes i will get wothlk!
snarfit9 years ago
my realm is silvermoon and my char name is slitherin