To All my Friends and Acquaintances

At this moment, I am awaiting for the doctor's office to open so I can give them another call.

My back has been hurting me since the Friday before Labor Day weekend, and getting increasingly worse since. The insurance I have was only allowing for pain medication, and then finally approved an X-ray which, of course, did not show anything concerning my formerly herniated disks.

I have been awaiting the insurance company's approval to get the MRI that will tell the doctor what is REALLY going on with my back. If this gets delayed until I am paralyzed, the insurance company will have to be held responsible, as it would be because of their delay.

Since I am having difficulties even sitting here in front of the computer, I will keep this short.

If I stop posting for a 24 hour period, you can assume I have gone to the hospital for an operation (which will not happen before they examine an MRI).

I don't know what else to do......but at this point, the pain meds don't even work well enough to allow me to sleep.

Just wanted to get an FYI out here, so you didn't worry if I do become unable to get to a computer for a few days or weeks.

BTW: I will be going completely crazy without being able to get in here, you all are like my extended family.

First update:

MRI has been taken, but will hear nothing before Friday or perhaps *sigh* Monday.

Second update:

MRI showed a definitive bulge (herniation) pressing heavily against my spinal column. This time around, it will probably have to be removed and the bones fused to keep me going...

UPDATE 2.491 - Supplemental

Nothing will be accomplished during the weekend, as far as my back is concerned. At least we have found a reasonable combination of meds to keep the pain at bay until I get to see the Neurosurgeon (and hopefully, there will be no need to see the Oncologist).

UPDATE 3 - :

It is very early in the morning (5:16 am) and I can not sleep. I have to await the doctor's call hoping it will come before my pulmonary appointment ( C-pap refitting). And if not, hoping I can get a refill on the pain meds that have been just barely keeping the pain below the screaming all the time level. So I can tolerate the wait until I get to see the neurosurgeon.

UPDATE 3.274 - supplemental:

I will be out and about (different doc appts.) most of this morning and into the afternoon. I will check in as soon as I know something.


I have an appointment to see the neurosurgeon's BUT it isn't for another 6 days or so. This is very aggravating that something this painful and this life-invasive (keeping me from work) can't be taken care of sooner.

UPDATE 4.129 - Supplemental:

A followup letter from the doctor informs me of another reason the pain is greater this time, then last time: I have two herniated discs. *sigh* The fun of aging just never ends, does it?


The therapy IS helping relieve the pressure on the disc by  supporting the spine through stronger muscles.  I am getting relief finally, and should be back to work Nov. 6th, at the latest.


I had a minor relapse on Oct. 30th, on the right hand side, but things seem to be back on track now again.

Thank you all for your support !

Some information about what MAY be done next.

Final link

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Kryptonite8 years ago
Oh my, I can't believe I hadn't seen this before! Sorry, slow.

Hope you feel better soon, although it's gotta be a pain waiting that long, you're the spine of Instructables so I hope you'll be back before long.

Goodhart (author)  Kryptonite8 years ago
Yes well, it is a bit of a pain, but the pain meds and muscle relaxers help to some degree. I am definitely not the spine nor backbone of Instructables, just one of the joints therein but, as I have experienced, a single joint can have some impact, both when working correctly and when not. :-)
Goodhart (author)  Molten Boron8 years ago
Oh that just shows how much pain I am in....I missed your pun *sigh*
Snap out of it man, now you're worrying me.
Goodhart (author)  Kryptonite8 years ago
It seems to come in waves......I probably was sitting at the computer when I shouldn't have been and that was why I missed it :-)
Ahh fair enough. How'd the neurosurgeon go?
Goodhart (author)  Kryptonite8 years ago
Called this morning (my appt. WAS this afternoon), and canceled it as the doc had a call to surgery... *sigh*
Yow, alright how did the surgery go? Your other comments are slowly filling up with :-) again so I hope it went ok.
Goodhart (author)  Kryptonite8 years ago
I have, just last night, had a discussion with the surgeon. Nothing has been done yet. I might not even have the surgery.....I may not need it. I need a few answers to some questions, first.
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