To Those Who Make Instructables Robot Avatars...

I know a number of you have "modded" Instructables Robots as avatars. Well I've decided I aughta have on, and since I lack photoshop + skills to use it, I'm commissioning an Instructables Robot avatar based on my current avatar! If you make me one ummm, you get my thanks and a pile of gold coins*

So get photo editing!

*to receive gold award, recipient must meet with myself at a place of my choosing

Picture of To Those Who Make Instructables Robot Avatars...
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Chicken22099 years ago
i modded one... its just a toaster now..
KentsOkay (author)  Chicken22099 years ago
That sounds familiar....
its illegal in Cuba
KentsOkay (author)  Chicken22099 years ago
Is it?
erm, yes?
KentsOkay (author)  Chicken22099 years ago
I see....
GorillazMiko10 years ago
I hope it comes out cool. :-) I want one with a KFC Bucket on the Robot's head.. I'll leave mine as that forever. :-)
Here you go :P
WOW so long ago and he still uses it!
Hi there did you make this? If you did, then may I use this in a slideshow? Please contact me if I may or not...
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