To all schools- Cut the trophies from your ceremonies.

So yesterday I had a graduation ceremony at school.  The school basically gave awards/trophies/certificates to people who made good grades, did well in Accelerated reader, and performed well in class.  I personally got 2 awards, a certificate for making the A/B honor roll, and some fake $1,000,000 dollar bill that looks like it was straight out of Monopoly for reading over 1,000,000 words in the Accelerated Reader program.  I promptly turned my certificate into a paper airplane and threw it in a corner where it will be forgotten until the end of time, and I wrote "OVER 9000!!!" on the fake bill.

Most people won't realize that these certificates won't be worth wiping butt with a year from now.  Nobody will care what you made in Junior High in your final year of High school.  Heck, the only highlight of the ceremony was that I was friends with the person who got the biggest trophy, and he let me borrow it for a few seconds, at that point I pretended it was a really really huge... I'll leave it to you to figure it out.

Anyways, I don't know why schools dump money into trophies made of fake plastic and (maybe) fake marble decorated up to look fancy.  Here's an idea for these schools- Instead of spending money on trophies that will just sit and gather dust, and are really a pain to carry home, they should give the students cash money equal to the value of the trophies that they would have received.  It certainly would give students an incentive to do well in school, since the amount of money they would receive would directly correlate with their performance in class and the number of awards they would get.

Tell me what you think of that idea in the comments. Thanks.

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Last year I receved a number of awards including:
about 6 certificates for being top in my subjects
annother certificate for being the best in my year at level 1 maths (look up the ncea system if you want to know about that) this came with $20.
And a trophy for all around acedemic excellence, it came with $50, it is made of metal and has my name incribed on it, it is at least 50 years old.

it can be seen in my 2010 logic bow video, skip to 1:58 or so, you don't want to hear me blathering on about an obsolete gun.

My point is the disposable plastic trophies are nice, but they don't mean as much as a "real" trophy, also it's nice when they stick a bit of cash with the awards as well XD.
Why do you keep telling us about this "holy" l-bow, but you show no pictures?  Just post some pics!
I can't. the charging cable for my camera has gone missing so therefore I cannot take pictures as the camera has no power.

Oh, Ok.

DJ Radio (author)  Fred the Penguin7 years ago
Why do I feel like this was just a plug for your logic bow behind a facade of facts?
"skip to 1:58 or so, you don't want to hear me blathering on about an obsolete gun."

and seeing as I can neither find the charger for my camera or post pictures in comments this was the only way that I could show proof.
He built a newer one, maybe this is just an ad for it.  Did you see my comment below?
Well i largly agree with Kiteman.

I'm becoming a teacher and they learned us that this increases motivation for students to do good and get rewarded for such.

Why so many trophies then? Well you get alot of grades alot of classes and the school can't say "math" is better then "music" cause the end terms (directly translated from dutch) meaning the things you must know and can before the end of your career here at school make all classes equal. So a child that does well in music should be equally rewarded then a child that does well in math.

Now why no money? first of all no school would allow it. Secondly they buy those things in bulk so the monetary value of what you should be getting is peanuts. "Hey kid here's your 5.95 for being the best in math!". Now I would like to have a trophy over 5.95. And sure you won't use it anymore but you'll put that away somewhere and when you're moving or cleaning up it will be a great memory.

So enjoy it while you can.
Be careful here. If someone says "this increases motivation for students to do good" this can lead to schools finding ways to give prizes because they think that.
The value of a reward is:
Inversely proportional to the number awarded
Directly proportional to the number of persons eligible for it
Subject to it's intrinsic value.

If DJ means "a lot" as I think he does, this reads like giving loads of gongs to satisfy "this increases motivation for students to do good"

(The cash could be spent on something educational, or permanent trophies with multiple engravings)

Kiteman lemonie7 years ago
We have the latter.

The trophies were all paid for by local businesses (a couple by individuals, and one is a memorial to a pupil who died aged 11), and some come with (modest) cash or voucher prizes from those sponsors, but the trophies spend most of the year in a cabinet (the recipients get them in July, keep them on their mantelpieces over the Summer, and return them to school in September).

We are currently looking for a key-note speaker for the next ceremony - does anybody know anybody both famous and successful, able to speak in East Anglia?

We've had Rex Garrod, a couple of local TV celebs, a businessman and an Olympic medallist nobody had heard of except the chap that contacted them - any other ideas?

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