To all the archery enthusiasts

So I need some help. I have been shooting for some years now (about 4 or 5) but I still am having one problem. I am using a 70 lb. draw weight on my bow (compound bow) but when I go to shoot and I am aiming low I cant raise my arm up to get the pin on the bulls eye. (This happens when I have the bow drawn). So if any of you have an idea for something that I could do to help please comment me. I will try all ideas at this point.

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ThaJuzz9 years ago
Why compound :( that so easy, try recurve! (and not Olympic recurve they suck :P)
Pat Sowers (author)  ThaJuzz9 years ago
i like em. =p
Pat Sowers (author) 9 years ago
what's wrong with big guns? just because we have a sniper rifle that can pearce through 2 inches of steel at 2 miles away doesn't mean you gota wine about it.
and what gun would that be?
Pat Sowers (author)  ledzep5679 years ago
thank god. I was hoping you werent about to say the M1 Garand or Armalite Ar-15 SASS. I think a 50 cal BMG is overkill if your a civilian. its way too expensive for a paper puncher because you cant really hunt with it because pretty much whatever you hit (that doesnt have any caliber regulations like coyote and prarie dogs) is going to become a red mist. and the fact that your gonna drop around 8 thousand for the gun (correct me if they dropped in price or if theres a cheaper model, the armalite model is cheaper i think) and that the ammunition, if not hand loaded is extremely ridiculously expensive(its still crazy expensive if you handload unless you get the casings for free and you hand mold the bullets) makes it a tad too impracticle for the "average joe" (in my opinion). if i was going to drop that much money on a gun id just buy a .308 M1. Or invest in a AR-15 based rifle and add all manners of aftermarket parts. And those rifles are even impracticle if you dont use them in competitions. (F-class for the M1 and 3-stage(i thinki thats what its called) for the AR.) but thats just a humble opinion coming from a kid punching paper at 500 yards plus with his .22LR
Pat Sowers (author)  ledzep5679 years ago
i got to shoot the barrett .50 cal. It was the same one the snipers in the army use. (i know people) he gets all the amo he wants (has to shoot everyday to keep his skills up (army tells him to)) its a nice long range gun (im thinking about sniper corps if i dont do engineering) this gun is so powerfull obv. ;) got to take it deer hunting and that was fun even though i didnt have to use much skill to get close to the deer but still takes skill to take the shot.
every .50 cal manufactured (unless its a custom made rifle) is used my the military. you took one deerhunting?! a)how did you fit it in the tree stand... b)how far did you have to carry it? the things weigh 30-40 pounds... c)if i were you id go take a bunch of sniper classes, get all the certificates you need then go join a group like blackwater(not blackwater, but similar, i forgot the name for them. but they are basically mercenaries)because they are alot more lax then the military (from what ive been told) and it also sounds alot cooler if you say you were a mercernarie sniper then a military sniper.
Pat Sowers (author)  ledzep5679 years ago
i wasnt in a tree stand i was on a hilltop (tall grass for good cover) and we used an atv to get to the spot where we set up. i would love to take classes that would be so cool.
oh I think long ranging deer isnt fun because its an easy shot(because they are so big) and theres almost no way you can spook them unless you accidently shoot... Id much rather say i shot a deer from 40 yards instead of 400 meh, just shoot 50 rounds everyday and google "how to use the mil-dot ranging system" and thats pretty much the class...(from what ive heard, ive never partook in one of these classes but i have talked with those who have)
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