UPDATED: Today I was totally GROSSED OUT....Plus pics, and progress !

The landlord came today to "fix the walls" again, like he did a few months ago, and again 3 days ago....but his helper told him this wasn't working...so they started tearing the Bathroom and Bedroom wall (the adjoining wall) down.  The portion towards the outside wall of the building.....they found a pipe that was leaking....a big 9 or 10 inch iron pipe......guess what?   That is the drain from upstairs for the bathroom sink, the bath tub, and the TOILET.   For over 6 months now, we have had our bedroom wall deteriorating and being soaked by SEWAGE....
The helper told me in confidence that we are not the only ones he does this too.....grrrrrrrr.

Pictures have been updated with ones I took...


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Kryptonite7 years ago
Our school finally got rid of the asbestos ridden floor boards for us, but I think your dilemma is worse...
Goodhart (author)  Kryptonite7 years ago
Most of it is "behind" the plaster...but this seepage thing is not making me happy.....
Yes, I agree, I prefer to have my sewerage in pipes leading away from my house, not other people's sewerage leaking into my house.
Goodhart (author)  Kryptonite7 years ago
At LEAST is was not so much of it that it had any odor to it....
But if it was, then it could have been found months and months ago. Albeit slightly nastier.
Goodhart (author)  Kryptonite7 years ago
Well, from what the plumber said;  this was going one for YEARS....but yes, it would have been less healthy had certain "materials" leaked out also.
Well, at least it has been found, so the associated risk are no longer there.
Goodhart (author)  Kryptonite7 years ago
Well, the risk will not get worse anyways.....as they say in the business of germs and viruses;  when it DRIES, it shall die.

But it must dry out first......we are still waiting for that to happen....it is fairly well soaked :-) 

There is one bacteria that can stay alive for up to 60 years... forgot what it's called, it's that one you breathe in... is it anthrax?
Goodhart (author)  Kryptonite7 years ago
Well, I hope it was not present in the upstairs dweller's bathtub or toilet :-)
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