Toe Pincher Coffin

ok there are a few instructables for coffins but mostly they are just for halloween props, im a stickler for details, if i'm going to have a coffin it must look good, it must look real.

so, can someone come up with an instructable to make a decent toe pincher coffin from proper wood, maybe a ply base, with mouldings to make it look authentic like this.

also the handles are tricky to get hold of

ideas? i think im going to get my dad to make the main bits for me as hes a carpenter, make it from pine and stain it then put handles on

rdavis172 years ago
I'm Bud Davis, the person who designed and builds the Black Gothic toe-pincher coffins. The handles pictured on the coffin are available from Rockler Hardware. They're not the best handles in the world, but you can buy them online here --

Lee Valley Tools also sells casket handles online here --,43659&p=41993
n1cod3mus (author)  rdavis172 years ago
I have been away from the site for a while I just wanted to say thanks for letting me know about the handles.

I'm in the UK so i will have to source something here, but at the moment the project is on hold due to lack of employment :-(
caitlinsdad4 years ago ideas for your handles, if not, don't know if real suppliers will sell to individuals outside of the trade.

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