Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses

The 2008 Cheap Chic Weddings 2008 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest was recently decided in New York's Times Square. The winner was Katrina Chalifoux who spent two weeks making her sheathed dress out of toilet paper.

You can see all past finalists here, here and here.

Picture of Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses
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Smalfrii9 years ago
ha ha funny.; )
Very odd, but I guess not much worse than skittle wrapper or duct tape dresses. :P
Goodhart9 years ago
Wait ! if they made it out of Charmin, as the sign seems to indicate, the husband can not hug her until she gets home !

Please don't squeeze the Charmin !
ROFLOL! Did you know Adam Savage was on one of those commercials?
I hadn't known that, no :-)
Yep, he's talking to the store owner (can't remember his name...) and he's frantic because there's a leak in the roof and the rain is coming in. Not to worry though, it leaked all over the Charmin, which absorbed it all!
Ah, it wasn't one of the Mr. Whipple advertisements then.....the one's I remember :-)
No, it was Mr Whipple...I only saw it on mythbusters though. :)
Ok I'm so confused :-)
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