Tombuckey's Orangeboard

so my orangeboard broke : / so post comments here other wise i wont reply okay?

Picture of Tombuckey's Orangeboard
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If you reject your patch your Orangeboard will work.
My Orangeboard works even though I have a patch; I just noticed that today.
They just fixed that today.
why don't you remove all your patches?
Cuz I want the patches. And I gave a link on my orangeboard to a secondary orangeboard.
It's just not the same as a real orangeboard....
Ture. If My OB would still of worked I would of gotten over 100 comments.
how do you know?
First off anyone with a patch their OB will not work. Second Serial-Cricket rejected his patch and his OB works now.
Knexsniper1's should get credit for figuring that out
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