Too Many Groups!!!!!

In some categories there is too many groups. For example if you look up knex on groups you get 11 pages of result. There is about 20 results per page so its over 200 possible knex groups you could join. What do you think?

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sev178 years ago
yes there is too many
sir-zeke8 years ago
people shouldn't start a group until they check if there already is that kind of group
very true
DJ Radio8 years ago
well, I dont participate in groups a lot, since they are mostly out of the way, and they are also buggy a bit (like it doesnt tell you if its moderated or not)
FaqMan8 years ago
Yes there is a swift clean up with the groups would do but groups that have members and some insturxctables like yokozuna said could be combined so no meembers are left out and angered
Kiteman9 years ago
You're right, and not just about K'NEX groups - there seem to be almost 1400 groups altogether. There are many groups that are duplicates, or near-duplicates, because the group creators did not search the groups before starting their own. It would probably be worth it if an intern were to be assigned to clear out the empty or un-used groups, maybe combine projects and threads of similar groups.
*feels terribly clever about having created several major groups*
I can make a list of the duplicates/very similar groups. Give me a few days to do it though. I'd be willing to do all the clearing and combining, had I the temporary ability...
In that case, I nominate you to PM Eric and volunteer.

It would be such a boring job...
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