Too bad this ends so soon.

If I had another month, I was planning on making a nice instructable on how to make a good motorized bike, doing 150mpg, with 7 speeds, and a max speed of 80mph.. Although I don't think anybody will get up to that fast. You'll still be able to petal, and it's street legal (considered pedal assist) No welds required. The modification process can be dumbed down to a sheet of metal, hacksaw, and a drill. However, I'd recommend a sheer for cutting, but that's just me. The total cost of the project would be a bike, plus $200 in parts, plus $200 for the engine. Maybe I'll submit it to the green one instead, 150mpg is pretty good. That is if I get all the parts and have the time to put it together, plus do a write up.

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cvxdes (author) 9 years ago
Yeah, I was going to post it anyways, but it's unfortunate I won't be able to submit it to anything.
PKM9 years ago
Post it anyway- I guarantee there would be a lot of people interested in it, judging by previous interest in "bicycle + engine = win" instructables.
ll.13 PKM9 years ago
qft. (:
joshf9 years ago
Sounds like a great project -- and you can always just publish your instructable as a regular post, not for any specific contest.
yeah, I had a similar project in mind and have done for a while but never had the chance to do it...
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
My ev probably won't make it :'(