Top 10 Back-to-School Instructables

Thanks to an idea from Labot2001, we've put together a list of some of our favorite back-to-school Instructables. Whether you're getting set for another year of school or helping to prepare someone else, these Instructables will help you get back into the classroom mindset in true DIY style.

Floppy Disk Bag by Imanalchemist
Floppy disks are now rarely used to carry information, but they can effectively carry all of your stuff. If you like this project, also check out Imanalchemists's Floppy Tote and Floppy Binder.

Eraser Flash Drive by fungus amungus
Stealthily conceal your flash drive in the guise of a standard pink eraser.

Nintendo Lunchbox by fluctifragus
Is that a sandwich in your Nintendo or are you just happy to have an awesome lunchbox?

Homemade Whiteboard by ausable
An erasable whiteboard can help you keep all of your assignments organized amidst a busy schedule.

Circuit Board Binder by killrsheep
A PCB binder will show all of the other regular, non-creative binders who's boss.

Make Your Own Notebook by chebang
Create a personal notebook with an album cover and some basic bookbinding techniques.

Mont Blanc Pen Hack by kingant
Nobody wants to throw down lots of money for writing utensils; luckily, with this method, you can cheaply recreate an expensive pen on the cheap.

Neoprene Laptop Bag by saul
Pieces of Neoprene, the squishy material often used in wetsuits, can be sewn together to create a functional and comfortable laptop case.

Better Videotape the School Play by westfw
A great videotape will help you remember your child's performance and much more effectively embarrass them when they're older.

How to Do Laundry by linuxmom
While you may disagree, your roommate knows that doing your laundry every once in a while is necessary for college students. For those who need to learn, don't worry: linuxmom is here to rescue you!

There are also some other great Instructables that could help you in school--comment and share those below. From one person going back to school to another, best of luck and have a good year!

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danm959 years ago
I dont start till 4th of sept.
mg0930mg danm958 years ago
Yet it was September the 6th when you said this...
a little late there i am already in my second week of school
What, where are you from??? My school starts on the 1st of September.
Here in Arizona school starts August 8, usually.
HAHA!!! :)
Kaiven comodore9 years ago
no funny. mine starts on the 8th
same i live in fl
down here in tuba city, ours started on the 11th
Rye2121 Rye9 years ago
is ur first name "rye" i mean full name not a nickname.
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