Top 3 K'nex Weapons Of 2008

Vote for your favorite 3 k'nex weapons released in 2008. You may not vote for any of your own designs.


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TheDunkis8 years ago
I've noticed that we haven't moved past our favorite stat of power... *sigh*
i think he means that we are all worried about power, not innovative features or replicas.....
range is just as important as power on my agenda. i dont care how much innovative a gun is, or how much of a replica it is.
Range and power are practically the same thing just whether something is getting hit or not. If something is going to hit hard then that means it's going to go far most of the time. The more piercing power it has the further it will go for sure. And that's why you all disappoint me. Some of us try to make something creative and innovative. We want to do things that work good and look cool but all you guys are worried about is the power. It just saddens me truly. It's the reason I never even tried that hard to make a power weapon.
I agree wholeheartedly. Sure it's fun when things go a long way or go through things, but isn't most of the fun from using something cool, unique, and new?

We have enough oodammo pistols and single shots. If I can make something work, I'll make it work. If it only goes 5 feet, then so be it, I'll work on the range later.
reliability is also a criteria.
obviously and what's next? Accuracy? I know all that important stats on a gun I'm just saying the one that seems the most important is power. And not just power but pure power and nothing but power. Things like accuracy and stuff mater but when someone makes a power gun all they focus on is making it powerful and worry about the rest of the stuff later and the sad part is people eat it up like a stereotypical American at McDs.
idc about accuracy, as I can make up for the slack an inaccurate gun has.
why? if your gun could shoot 150+ feet but you miss by 10 feet everytime whats the point?
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