Top Digital Picture Frame Instructables

Digital picture frames can make a great gift for anyone, and here on Instructables we have a whole range of DIY digital picture frame projects. Check out this list of some of our favorite digital picture frames that you can create for a fraction of the cost of buying something similar at a store.

Cheap 'n Easy Digital Picture Frame
The name says it all: joedog86's original frame can be made by anyone and is not too expensive.

DIgital Picture Frame Number Two
The follow-up to the Cheap 'n Easy frame shows a different way to make another simple and economical picture frame.

Glass-Mounted Digital Picture Frame
For the geek that loves to see circuitry, this digital picture frame places the screen between two sheets of Plexiglas so that you can see some of the internal workings of your frame.

Hanging Laptop Digital Painting
Matte and frame a laptop screen to turn it into a classy photo frame.

Yet Another Digital Picture Frame
Another approach to making a digital picture frame results in a high-quality final product.

Dell Laptop Digital Photo Frame
Instead of tossing out your old Dell laptop, turn it into an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional digital picture frame.

3D Digital Picture Viewer
A twist on the classic digital photo frame: building JayDub's DigiStereopticon to view digital photos in 3D.

If you want to look at more options, you can check out a previous compilation, the Digital Picture Frame How-To Building Guide or the Instructables group for digital picture frames.

There's always room for more. Keep the digital photo frame Instructables coming!

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Phantom55829 years ago
I see some cool ideas here. For a sec I thought the bottom picture was a digital frame with the Blue Screen of Death on it. That would be very funny.
Dude... That would've been hilarious... Anyhow, I've gotten pretty inspired by these things. I'm thinking of making a project that fits over a welding helmet. Possible uses include a TV/Sleep-inducing hypnosis device.
That sounds cool and I would love to see an Instructable based on this little device. Video Goggles
i like your dp. i play tau sometimes.
Cool, I would play with them if I had the money to buy them and the time to paint them.
theyre not so hard. the tau are the cheapest and easies to paint.
Shoud be cool if someone make a Digital Picture Frame without a computer or laptop. All we really need is an LCD screen, some eletronics for video adapter and a cheap card reader.
trialex9 years ago
What's the best photo viewing software out there for old PCs? I'm running Windows 2000 or Puppy Linux 4.0