Top Green Transportation Instructables

Saving the planet and saving money, all while getting to where you need to go? The secret: green transportation. These Instructables show you how to travel to your next destination in a more environmentally-friendly way.

Solar Powered Tricycle
This solar-powered trike, a Judges' Prize winner of the Park Tool Bike Month Contest and a Second Prize Winner of the Discover Green Science Fair Contest, can go short distances without emitting any pollutants and never needs to be plugged in.

Electric Motorcycle
If you want to convert an existing motorcycle into an electrically-powered one, you can try this 96-volt version--or you could opt for a different 72-volt model.

Electric Scooter Upgrade
Superpower a small electric scooter into a fast, furious traveling machine with this detailed power upgrade.

Green Helmet
Green transportation doesn't have to be limited to your vehicle: this LED, all-weather helmet runs on solar power.

Bike Generator
Biking is already a great way to travel, but it can be even more green if your bike lights are powered by your wheels as you move.

Biodiesel Processor
Instead of traditional fuel, biodiesel reuses waste oil and turns it into diesel. This biodiesel processor will help you successfully make your own biodiesel.

And, of course, you can always create a new way (and Instructable) to travel without hurting the environment.

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ok don't get me wrong I'm not against recycling and finding new ways of making power but this green thing is going a little overboard. we should go to Alaska and drill for oil.
ya but my car gets 18 mpg so i don't drive much
mine gets 12 or so lol
what do you have
a 15 seater full sized van.
i have 1 of thous... it gets 8
guess what mine gets?..... as much as i want it recycles air and water as a sorse!!!! XD
wait what how
hydrogen converter kit, and h20 splitter eventually. start it with some propane and that burns amazingly, and hydrogen is the byproduct, and as we know, hydrogen=BOOM!, so it recirculates that back in, over and over. the one glitch i have yet to work out, is after a while, it turns into water, and i need to get a splitter.. but i might use a electrical coil or something to turn the water into hydrogen again... as you can see, i have been working on this for a while (hence my late response) but i am soo close. the only real problem is this is illegal for cars, but not for bikes.. so i plan on making some of these, and selling them. (the converter is illegal, because it would put the oil company wwwaayyyy lower on business.) ...doesnt mean people dont use them.
LOLOLOLOL thats awesome
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