Top Homemade Instruments to Form Your Own Band

I just saw an awesome list of homemade instrument Instructables on a music blog called Terrible Love Songs - check it out!

I've been in a couple of bands and have always tinkered with the idea of making my own instruments. Unfortunately they have never held together for long enough to take photos of (that's the bands and the instruments).

Here are 6 instruments that don't look impossible to make and could start you off on your journey to discover the talent within.

A Rule Organ
"Hold the rule to the desk as tightly as possible to produce the best audio fidelity (read: twang) possible."

Miniature Washtub Bass Made From Office Supplies
"This is a great time killer and will probably annoy your co-workers (unless they've already made one themselves!)"

Lap Steel Guitar out of a Pool Cue Case
"string her up and plug her in! You'll need to play her using a guitar slide, or, to complete that bar room blues look, a shot glass."

Cookie Tin Tambourine (Good name for a band)
"Just find someone to join you in eating the cookies and emptying the bottles and it will be a very enjoyable evening."

Horn From A Drinking Straw
"The sounds produced range from a duck call to a flagulent."

Cookie Tin Banjo
"These banjos are fretless. I was surprised how easy they were to play."

How To Write A Song
"Even if the world doesn't get to hear it, you'll know that you did good work, and that's fulfilling enough to be well worth the attempt. Right?"

How To Rap
"like snoop dawg lol so to rap you need little diction and not a lot of pronunciation"

Now you have no excuses. If you do manage to become famous (or not), please remember where you came from and post a video in the comments box.

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JoeMG5 years ago
I was thinking about electric Tuba...
The electric tambourine is where its at!
There is actually an electric triangle; my friend played it once. It's like an electric ring sound.
Oh god, I would so play that. How many Amps are we talking about? That is so how I'm going to die!
I see you're a Tuba player as well?
same here!
Kiteman8 years ago
Less than an hour ago, the BBC ran an item about making musical instruments from fresh fruit and vegetables.
Kiteman Kiteman8 years ago
And BBC's Today programme featured a scientist / musician team who use vegetable instruments to promote Science and Engineering.

Audio Clip of programme - listen for the tooting radish and the carrot flute.

Website article
Kiteman Kiteman8 years ago
Goodness me, you can tell I was bored (this is real music on real vegetables, just begging for an Instructable!)

 Vegetables really are good! Why eat them when you can just make music?
Holy Fap
That's super cool, but it's such a shame that their instruments rot after a few concerts...
That is outstandingly fantastic!
=SMART= Kiteman8 years ago
wow that video was really weird and really cool... are you going to make an instructable or should i?? i fancy having a go at the carrot idea..
Kiteman =SMART=8 years ago
Go for it - I won't have the time for anything particularly involved until the end of August.
=SMART= Kiteman8 years ago
ok cool
neat wonder how they made the flutes or recorder type things :o
emuman4evr7 years ago
I play a trombone. Anyone think I can replicate this. With a hose inside of another hose maybe?
If they are fairly rigid it may work (if too flexible, they may bind when attempting to slide them).
Goodhart7 years ago
This month's MAKE has an Instrument theme :-)
jmanc48 years ago
Awesome! I need my own veggie band! Really cool!
I was expecting some sort of didgeridoo.
ChalkyT8 years ago
Great Vegetable Orchestra video!
bumpus8 years ago
darn, i need to get my Cigar Box Guitar -Ible up...