Rebuild and reuse?

I was just thinking today. I want to get a soldering gun with a desoldering bulb or some kind of device to suck up solder so I can remove parts. I have nearly heaps of old computer motherboards, video cards, ram, and all sort of other things taking up space. And I'm not talking like pentium 3 or old p4 parts, more like P1 and even a few tandy and 486 parts kicking around. I've seen people making earrings and wreaths out of these old parts, but I'm thinking more practical, like what could I be building out of these components. I've never really gotten into things like pic programming and building things on bread boards, however I do have the know how to operate a soldering gun and I wanna get into these things. Could someone point me in the right direction or point me to a forum at least?? It'd be greatly appreciated because I really need a new hobby to do in my spare time instead of blowing my amps.

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Sandisk1duo9 years ago
Lol blowing up amps.... just take apart the psu it has a bunch of capacitors, and who doesn't like a high voltage capacitor? Those circuit boards that you pull out of those computers have a bunch of components, pnps, npns, voltage regulators, resistors, capacitors, inductors just keep the circuit boards for future use. bread boarding isn't fun if you don't have a pack of resistors :' ( bread boards are like $8 at radioshack, resistor packs are $12 while your at radioshack buy a pnp&npn (transistors) 2n3904-npn 2n3906-pnp i took an electronics class, and that's how i got into bread boarding
Punkguyta (author)  Sandisk1duo9 years ago
I actually am starting to get a collection of small capacitors going but my 25W soldering gun sucks and it burned me so I ended up cutting the cord off and whipping it into the garbage just a couple days ago. I know that there's a wealth of components on the pcb's but I don't exactly know how to make use of all these diff components. I know resistors are a must, if I can get my hands on a good soldering iron and a desoldering bulb I'm gonna pull the 200+ resistors off these amps, then I should be set.
Use a propane torch just heat the whole PCB upside down, move the torch across the board quickly and try to cover a few square inches at a time, and once it's warm enough give it a sharp whack against your work desk and watch the parts fall.. But watch for solder splatter (( And most solder is toxic so be careful to clean it up ))
how much are they? like $10 for the nozzel? and $10 for fuel?
I use one for soldering pipe I think it was $12 for it all at walmart.... (( I've had it for about 6 years now so they might be more ))
um, soldering irons do burn you/me at times take your rage out on something else... just keep the circuit boards, so when you need something, you can look through them and pull out a component