Tornado96's manga Forum! Updated: 20/03/11

Hey everyone! More Drawings! Updated for 20/03. Almost a month. Sorry. Lot's og homework :-( (Now number one is att teh end of the lisxt and the highest number is at the beginning of the list.

1: Just a kid in sport clothes. The eyes and nose are wrong and no shadows. :-(

2: A Samurai-ish guy with a katana. The legs could have been linger but I LOVE his Katana!

3: The best one! A teenage girl in a shirt and skirt. I focused on Shadows and proportions.

4. Profile attempt. I need to practice shoes...

5. Guy in sports gear. Trying to draw thumbs up!

6. A whole bunch of hand sketches.

7. Trying a different position this time.

8. A girl in a fress that I drew during geography.

9. Using Mark crilley's ready to fight pose video! :-)

10. Another little pose. (is it just me or is his head to big? O.o

11. EPIC DRAWING! (My favourite to date!) Girl in Fihgting clothes with Katana! :-D

So what do you think!

Please leave your thoughts!

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Bodkin111116 years ago
it`s so wonderful
Tornado96 (author)  Bodkin111116 years ago
This is spam. Get out.
That comment made me laugh. :-P
rominnn6 years ago
A teenage girl wearing a shirt..
Tornado96 (author)  k-n-e-x(leaved ibls)6 years ago
this is awesome are you japanese or somethin?
He wishes he was Japanese. :-P
Tornado96 (author)  Shadowman396 years ago
If only... :-(
You wish to be Japanese?
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