Total Views Count - 15/05/2010

Here're the results for the first run. Done between 9 and 10am on Saturday 15th May 2010. Count performed on all members of this group. Time to give out patches!

canida 3,196,243
Kiteman 1,455,778
Tool Using Animal 1,339,055
gmjhowe 743,801
killerjackalope 721,763
PKM 648,766
lemonie 591,001
laxap 275,235
plane phanatic 227,946
KentsOkay 207,042
Lithium Rain 195,250
Doctor What 175,023
Jayefuu 148,468
AngryRedhead 124,911
yokozuna 119,854
DJ Radio 113,960
Lynne Bruning 101,396
Ninzerbean 70,748
thermoelectric 70,675
Goodhart 67,133
Hiyadudez 66,425
reukpower 61,096
kelseymh 36,354
Shadowman39 16,442
zascecs 13,110
NachoMahma 9,329
masterochicken 7,764
Kryptonite 3,319
tbcross 0

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Aron3135 years ago
Dr. Pepper7 years ago
How do I join the group?
Good question! Most groups have a JOIN button right next to the title of the group on the Web page. Jayefuu's does not.
No idea. You might contact him by PM and see if he turned off that option deliberately, or post a bug report if you think it's a software problem.
Cool! If this was a question you'd recieve the best answer!
Jayefuu (author)  Dr. Pepper7 years ago
There are no restrictions on joining the group, just on posting Instructables to it. If I log out and visit the group's page then I can see the join button on the top right of the page. Can you still not?
No, its no longer there...

Jayefuu, I think you might also remember that I had asked about this before when it was moderated by another member...
Cobalt596 years ago
What is the point of this? Can't you just view total views in the profile page?
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