Touch Sensitive Floor Mats

I have one of those Halloween floor mats that when you step on them, it triggers a sensor that has it make a screaming noise. Is there anyway to hack this? It's annoying and I want to make use out of it.

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ampeyro8 years ago
i have a project exactly like that, this sumer i will post some instructables(one about this)
edfel019 years ago
well since its only a pressure switch u could make your own or u could cut out the noise and replace it with an alarm or something.
thatjawn (author) 10 years ago
ill toy with it later, but It wont be used to keep people from sneaking out, becuase thats my job :P
Goodhart10 years ago
If you could replace the voice (whichever IC is being used) with one of your own making, you could have a really nice break in deterrent (think about it.....first a scream, then the words "Oh NO! KILLER IS LOOSE AGAIN!" LOL)
It's probably just a momentary switch. I recently made one out of just some alluminum foil and paper (I'm making that with some other stuff for the DIY halloween! No touchy! lol).
A thought, if your version doesn't work well, try using that "anti-static" packaging foam. It is a bit conductive, and makes a neat, and not so overly sensitive switch. Good Luck.
Yes, it is a momentary switch, n.o., the trick is to get it to activate on all parts of a "welcome mat sized pad" :-)
theque10 years ago
lol thatd be hilarious, or you could even use it as a doorbell (but change the sound of course).
Goodhart theque10 years ago
Yes, a warning that someone is "up on the porch" (would have to be weather-proofed) or that someone is leaving (sneaking out), etc. and etc.