Touch screen Keyboard

Hey :) i have a sweet idea of building a touch screen keyboard that's separate from the monitor. i kno their are already some on the market but it be way cooler if i could build one myself. after doing some research i found the easiest way with the most versatility would be to have a touch screen ontop of a display and have the display then attached to a chip which would relay the image of the custom keyboard. the keyboard then would be hooked up to the computer and would function like a normal keyboard but soundless. :D the problem in all this planning is 1 i don't know how to put everything together, even though Ive been reading up , my knowledge of hardware design is minimal and 2 i don't know how to write programs, but if its any consolation im teaching my self simple programming like C++ but i doubt that will help. anyways , any suggestions Thanks a million Justin

wannannas27 years ago
maybe if you open a keyboard there are 2 plastick cheets in it who sense the key pres maybe you could use that and put some paper on it with the buttons displayed good luck
caitlinsdad9 years ago
Just do a search on instructables for "touch screen". A few will pop up. They seem to use a webcam to distinguish where the touch is. You might find some others which use a screen wire grid or some other way of getting input. The instructables will give you insight on how they translated the input signal. Good luck.
Justin D (author)  caitlinsdad9 years ago
thanks :) , I looked and like you said most of them are using a web came. for this project , since its a keyboard , it would have to be thin, that why i thought of using a touch screen overlay; or like this guy has done; he placed the screen over the monitor. so the simplest way would be to have a visual display like an old monitor or small lcd one , that would display the custom keyboard ( changeable by a program perhaps) and then have the over lay above it.
before anything else i would need to build a input device , that would create the image on the lcd part before i get to the touchscreen.

any other suggestions?
Thanks again for the replies
I don't know how much resolution you need but look into conductive thread. Maybe you can lay it out in a pattern and follow the design like a fabric switch but use mylar or plastic sheets. It would be like looking through a window screen but you could crudely set up some sort of defined touchpoint grid. I don't know if real touchscreens figure out the change in capacitance somehow if you touch it as the trigger.