Toxicity of chromium

Does anyone know the toxicity of chromium, or more specifically the toxicity of burning something chrome plated?

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lemonie10 years ago
Depends upon the oxidation state of chromium, and various other factors. Search the internet for "chromium oxide MSDS" and "chromate MSDS" Quite what you'll get from burning chrome' I don't know. L
dlong66 lemonie10 years ago
chrome and all of it's variants can be some real nasty stuff. you should really know what you are doing. is their any particular reason you're burning it?
Tetranitrate (author)  dlong6610 years ago
Barbecue, but I plan to oxyacetylene off all of the chrome plating.
im assuming it's some type of grate you are planning on using. before something is chrome plated it is nickel plated and before that it goes through an acid bath. so if you are lucky enough to get the chrome off without creating some type of noxious fumes there is still probably going to be some things hanging around in that steel that's going to be cooked into everything you ever cook on it. i don't think i would use it to cook on. good luck.
Tetranitrate (author)  dlong6610 years ago
The chrome plated part is going to end up as the coal bed. I am going to buy an actual barbecue grill for the part that touches the food. Creating noxious fumes while I remove the chrome is not a problem, as long as it doesn't do that when I'm cooking.
either way your going to be heating that chrome plated piece most likely way paste the point that it will be releasing any toxins that might be in it. i mean i'm not trying to argue with you, i've just spent some time working around diffrent plating operations and i've seen what happens to plated metals. i would just really be concerned about your safety.