Toy Rods and Connectors Contest: Prizes!

Hello knexers!

Just a small forum topic about the price I won with the Toy Rods and Connectors Contest.
My prize arrived today, and I thought it would be nice to show you a picture.

To the other winners of the contest: Feel free to send me a picture off your prize (comment or PM), then I can add it to the forum topic.

1st picture: me
2nd picture: hunter999
3rd picture: knexpert#10829476

Thanks for looking!


Picture of Toy Rods and Connectors Contest: Prizes!
hunter999 prize foto.jpg
knexpert prize foto.jpg
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Check out my shirt! I couldn't find a picture of this at all on the internet. Is this one special?
Instructables shirt 2(1).JPG
Added a long time ago, sorry I don't know why I never replied this comment, probably forgot it :D
Yeah it's different from the other shirts, maybe a new/old edition?
I don't have a picture, but I recently sorted out all my K'NEX into Ziplock bags to count them. I now have (after the prize I got, and a big box of K'NEX I got off of Ebay) 5,380 pieces (probably a few more).
I have about 40,000 pieces :p
I have 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 pieces !!!!! haha I win, lol, joking, about 12000-15000
Wow, that's incredible! :D
joking! =D lol
Oh look who's so special. XD (I'm just teasing) Dude, how did you get them all?
I'm collecting them since I was 5, and I'm now 15 so that's about 10 years of collecting :D That's an average of only 4000 pieces each year ;)
Heh, heh, awesome.
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