Toy-Story 3 lots-o huggin bear conspiracy.

So i finally watched Toy Story3.(which happens to be epic) But I happend to relate lots-o huggin bear to adolf hitler....Why?you might be wondering. Well here's my list of thing that support my thesis. Also this is sorta crazy..maybe im just over thinking this but it does all make sense.

1-The biggest indicator is the line "Things were fine until lots-o came along. and he made a pyramid and put him self at the top of it!" which is what hitler did in the 1930's by making germany a dictatorship.

2-Another thing i noticed is how:Big baby,the rock moster,and the bug. Were alot like the SS by doing lots-o's bidding no matter what.

3-SPOILER-Near the end of the movie when they get past the trash grinding thing. And lots-o was gonna hit the stop button. He didn't and the toys he didn't like(woody,buzz,etc.) were going to end up in the trash incinerator. Which made me think of the mass burnings of jew's during the holocaust just because hitler didn't like them.

4-I also related to quote by pricklepants(the clown)"Sunnyside is a place of ruin and despair, ruled by an evil bear who smells of strawberries!" To how the concentration are usually described in history books/storys. Also i related how the evil toys(hitler,SS)lived well in the butterfly room.versus how poor the good toys(jew's) were treated awfully in the catepillar room. And how they showed the kids doing all sorts of crazy things to buzz and the gang.

Well thats all i have now but i plan on writing some stuff down the next time i watch it. So expect more...also i know this is a very far out there conspiracy but if you've seen the movie then perhaps you'll agree.

"Things were fine until lots-o came along. and he made a pyramid and put him self at the top of it!"

You might want to check the definition of "fine", pre war Germany was anything but fine. In 1920 the exchange rate was 100 Marks to the Dollar, by 1924 it was 4.5 BILLION Marks to the Dollar.

That's not fine.
That figure always blows my mind - that and the pictures of people burning it for fuel or hauling a wheelbarrow to town to buy a loaf of bread.
Certainly, the character in the movie is based on the archetype of a tyrannical, totalitarian dictator, and Nazi Germany of course provides a (cliched) example of that that most people might think of first.

Was the movie specifically based on Nazi Germany? Nah. Way too generic. You could also apply pretty much all of that stuff to Khmer Rouge, Darfur, Rwanda...
Nazi's and standardized testing.
Nazi's what?
Nazi's, standardized testing, and school cafeteria lunches.
(Although, now that I say that, Darfur and Rwanda, while genocides, are a little different - I don't know that the strong single leader was (is) as big a factor in those conflicts...more tribal warfare.)
We should set up a trust fund for you, in case we need to bail you out of say...a Peruvian prison or something.
Prison food's not so bad; that plus the free tattoos almost make it worth the fashion faux pas of horizontal stripes...
If you do end up there Lithium perhaps a new ible of yours can be "how to make a tattoo machine out of a ps2". I read somewhere that a bunch of American inmates converted there ps2 into a tattoo machine a few years back.
Make sure you get the "If you can read this, you to fn close" tattoo.
Kiteman3 years ago
Thank you very much. This was on my list of films to watch...

that is pritty muck true i wonder if the creator is german
kelseymh3 years ago
All dictatorships look like Nazis to Americans. If you were Russian, you'd probably be more likely to compare the movie to Stalinism. Or Mao. A narrow perspective gets you narrow comparisons.
Sometimes a movie is just a movie.

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