Toys and things you have sitting on your desk/PC

Does anybody here have toys or other funny things sitting on their computer desk or PC?

I have a little Master Chief figurine that my friend gave me, it came with a Halo 3 Xbox 360 controller. He has a bubble gum wrapper for a cape. I call him Bubble Chief.

The other one I have is a papercraft model of Mister Chief. Click here for a funny comic type thing involving him.

Instructables has applied some nasty compression to these pictures, so here's links to both on Flickr.

Bubble Chief
Mister Chief

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Derin8 years ago
You should blur out the authentication code.
Derin Derin8 years ago
Also,pens,pencil sharpener,whiteboard eraser,computer,electronics satuff(supplies),a keychain,a knit puffle,cash box,post-its,tissue,card game,some dishes,two flash drives,whiteboard markers,labelmaker,mug,scotch tape,fridge magnet,coin cell battery,and factory earbuds for my Zen.
Could u get a picture for that? That sounds like a lot of stuff.P.S. a microphone, spore, spore creature creator, a hard drive, tape player, little orange ball, some pencils, speakers, a birthday card from march, some ear buds, dvds, like a hundred flash drives, a printer cartridge, another printer cartridge, a U.B. funkeys creature, a tie pin, some cards for school, a bunch of books/books on cd, an ipod, a bunch of USB cables, and cds(about two hundred), and some stuff i don't recognize.
dark sponge8 years ago
A micro SD card and adapter, this lamp, a ton of random papers, some tiny relays (?), and a robot!

The robot doesn't work right now, but it used to. I'm trying to fix it...
PowerSupply 001.jpgPowerSupply 002.jpgPowerSupply 003.jpgPowerSupply 004.jpg
DJ Radio8 years ago
I have a ps2, a psp, speakers, and games lying around on my desk.
NachoMahma9 years ago
. Blank CDs and DVDs, Dell Axim, box of .223 ammo, velcro tape, cable modem, router, clock/moon phase/calendar/outside temp gadget, two power strips (one to wall, one to UPS), Christgau's Record Guide, Rock Record (album/artist reference), misc memory cards and readers, a 2GB USB drive, CD/DVD boxes and sleeves, small flashlight, pens/Post-its/markers, speakers, headphones, pack of smokes, plastic tub with diagnostic/repair CDs.
Aeshir (author)  NachoMahma9 years ago
Congratulations, if you actually had a gun for that ammo, you could survive the zombie apocalypse. Along with any other type of apocalypse, with that much stuff. Except for the maid uprising apocalypse. They'd slaughter you.
Derin Aeshir8 years ago
Nobody can survive the Ibleoclypse...
Steve the Shark and other doodads.
Aeshir (author)  Spl1nt3rC3ll9 years ago
Dude, is that thing pickled or something? Sweet robot thingy. Looks like it would be a Pixar promo thing or something xD
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