Track Season (Spring sports)

Spring sports are starting, I'm doing track, anyone else doing any spring sports?

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ledzep5679 years ago
lacrosse. do you have polevault at your school? we dont...
TheCheese9921 (author)  ledzep5679 years ago
Yeah, but I only know of one kid that does it but I still haven't met the whole team.
oh, i think thats the funnest thing to watch in the world. especially practices when they are teaching a new kid and they mess up. ive seen some nasty falls...
I wanted to do pole vault this year but my friend said that the coach told her that the pole can break and impale you. Today I was practicing hurdles and I completely wiped out. It was really funny though.
hahahahahahahahahahahaha i imagine it could... maybe if you were using a wooden one lol. hurdles hurt.... i wonder why they dont make them so the support bars are uin front of them so they fall backwards alot easier. i guess because you can trip over them...
If you jump over a hurdle with the support bar on the front and you trip you will face plant. I'm glad they don't have them cemented into the ground...
lol is there someone who runs and sets them back up? like ballboys in tennis?
They dont really do that at my school, the hurdles mostly just pop back up.
ohhhh, the ones at our school are like a big L
That's how ours are but they come back up really easily.
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