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Just think it's about time I make another forum topic. So yeah, do you guys have a trademark gear? Something that you wear all the time? Something that some friends even use to characterize or define you? (e.g. oh John? He's the guy with the headphones). My trademark gear are these MDISK MD-66 headphones. I wear them all the time and some of my newer friends doesn't even recognize me without these on because I wear them not only to hear music but so I can wear my hair differently. So, what's your trademark gear? Armbands, headphones, custom garskin-embed iPod, you name it!

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skunkbait7 years ago
I'm always the guy wearing overalls or suspenders.  I'm usually the guy with the "gun-bulge" under my jacket.
Does my hair, and pants count?
Camisado (author)  Rock Soldier8 years ago
Hair no, pants... ummm well that kinda depends on the pants.
I only wear pants. Even on the hottest days of Summer. I don't know if that counts or not though.
i have managed to go years on end without wearing a single long-sleeved shirt,i hate the stupid things!
Camisado (author)  Rock Soldier8 years ago
That sounds awesome and ghey at the same time.
Lol. Thanks...Kind of...I guess.
Camisado (author)  Rock Soldier8 years ago
My hat, I wear it everywhere..
Camisado (author)  The Ideanator8 years ago
Nice. Ditch that red part and your hat looks pretty dang pimped.
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