Transformer coilgun

Hey i use a camera circuit for my coil gun and the circuit would always burn out so i was wondering if it is possible to just use a audio transformer and if so how please.

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Kante Tech (author) 7 years ago
please people i really need help on this i tried searching couldnt find anything
First of all, I think this should've been posted in questions, but anyway, I don't know if you can use an audio transformer, but I might know why your camera circuits are burning out.
Kante Tech (author)  LiquidLightning7 years ago
so why are they i use a 3volt ouput on 2 camera circuits together
you cant put 2 together im pretty shur whats the out put on the auido transformor if u use it make double shur the polarity is right and that the output is the same or lower and i think that putting 2 together is a bad idea because it will increase the voltage out to the caps which will blow them up 
Are they wired in parralell or series?