Transformers connected in reverse


can a transformer connected in reverse.
if 230v to 12v transformer is connected in reverse,. will it generate around 230v

Just some silly doubt.
Actually i was trying to find a step up transformer.. which converts 6v to 24v. what exactly its called.

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Norway19734 years ago
Hi! :-)

Take a look at this:

Hope this helps you. I`m going to order one soon and I can post a new note when I`ve got it and tried it.
- R :-)
lemonie7 years ago
You can do this, but be careful about the input current - you might "fry" something depending.

NachoMahma7 years ago
.  There is no forward/reverse to a transformer. It works just as well one way as the other. As gmoon points out power (E*I) on both sides will be the same.
gmoon7 years ago
Yes, you can connect a transformer in reverse. And that's 12V AC, of course.

However, the voltage : current relationship will be reversed. A load on a 12V secondary will draw less amperage on the 230V primary.

But if it's step-up, it's the opposite: A load on the 230 secondary will draw MORE amperage on the 12V primary.

But the 230V winding was designed only to handle the amperage needed to supply the power rating of the original (12V) secondary. Just keep that in mind, and you'll be OK.
caitlinsdad7 years ago
Search some of the ibles on MOT microwave oven transformers used as power sources for homemade welders.  There might be clues in there.  Good luck.