Transforming Halloween

Ever since seeing the Transformers movie I just couldn't stop thinking about transformers. So I decided a Transformer costume was it this year. It started out as just a box and later became more elaborate and more of a car. IT IS FINALLY DONE. Took three months but it's done. Pictures of the final product is here. Today I took it to school for a contest. I probably transformed at least twenty times. At one point the tape wasn't working on the spoiler because the "haters" would tear it off. So we used a bolt instead. In the contest people were chanting my name and I won ... a cheapy blue necklace. But now whenever I was going around the block all I would hear is "Are you the Transformer kid? Transform for us". Of course I would. So if anyone has questions or wants me to post instructions let me know. The instructions will be hard because of the variety of height and weight.

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jsxray9 years ago
I am making this for my sons this year. What material did you use to fasten the arms to the kid? How did you attatch the back portion around his neck? Any help would be appreciated.
alecgates15 (author)  jsxray9 years ago
I used velcro and taped it to the inside. For the back, I had a strap on each side and had another click strap through them. For the neck (I'm assuming you mean the hood in vehicle mode), I taped it to the back/window piece.
Where can you find the velcro and the strap thing holding the back piece to you??
alecgates15 (author)  Zoawsome8 years ago
Craft store
Zoawsome8 years ago
did you decide to name the transformer?
zackhat8 years ago
zackhat8 years ago
Instructions Please
Okay, that is just awesome. And are you deliberately coloring him to look like G1 Smokescreen? In which case that just triples the epicness of this whole project. Very nicely done.
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
That's very cool! too bad i'm too old for transformers....
jsxray9 years ago
Also, how did you protect the portion of car that they walk on to keep it from being destroyed?
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