Trapped for the weekend.

I experienced a delayed posting of a project just this past weekend. I submitted an instructable Saturday afternoon to not have it appear until Monday afternoon.  Somewhat frustrating to invest time crafting an instructable then to have it burried in the third page when it finally appeares over two days later.

Many page views are missed when this happens.

I believe the cause was that my instructable contained the word knife [] and thereby became trapped in the filters setup to catch dangerous instructables. I understand the need for filtering and containing dangerous projects but having reviewed and released projects keep their original posting date means lost exposure.

Maybe nothing can be done about it but I needed to share my frustration. Self therapy perhaps.  There, I'm already feeling better about it.


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Moem5 years ago
I'm glad I'm reading this, I had no idea about the delay and the reasons for it!
Jason Bedard (author)  Moem5 years ago
Yeah, it's better to know about these potential delays than to experience the frustration that comes with not knowing.

I have decided to not post new instructables on Friday's, over the weekend, or on US national holidays. Wednesday or Thursday are probably best to maximize exposure.

One other observation I have made is that it's better to not submit an instructable to a contest at the time of publishing. Add it to the contest a few days later. Submiting a just published instructable to a contest seems to affect the editors decision to feature or not feature an instructable. Are the editors avoiding creating bias that come with the extra exposure? Seems like a reasonable answer and site policy too for that matter.

Now, it's just as probable that I'm totally off base and that I'm just feeling wounded by not having any of my last six instructables featured, and three of them held back a few days. It makes one question the value of publishing in this medium.

Anyway, the only real point to any of what I'm saying is that is in full right to operate their site anyway they choose. It is up to myself to decide my publishing schedule to get the most out of the service being provided.
canucksgirl5 years ago
I've heard similar feedback/complaints when the Instructable in question goes more than 2 days before showing up to recent, or if there's a large number of Ibles published at the same time (thus bumping yours further back).

Although I know that they strive to clear Instructables as soon as possible, weekends, and long weekends can certainly add to the delay (among other unforeseen circumstances).

My thoughts on this is if an Instructable is stopped by the filters, then it should go "unpublished" until its cleared by staff, which means it would never end up on anything but page 1. If that method was used, it would mean that the ible wouldn't be accessible through a direct link, or to your subscribers.

I'm not sure if staff wants to implement a change like that, or if members would like that either....

Any thoughts?
Jason Bedard (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
Left unpublished, or have the publish date updated by staff upon release.

More so I just need to be more careful of the wording I choose when I'm publishing projects on the weekend.

Or, this just came to me, what if members could be auto notified when an instructable is held. This would at least take the wondering and waiting out of it and would temper frustration experienced.
I know there are some options, so bringing this up was a good idea. I think over time you figure out some of the filter words, and then just opt not to use them, like the word "knife". In my last ible, I wrote "a sharp cutting tool"... lol But it was necessary to prevent the delay. I guess in that respect we live and learn.

As far as notifying members, I just commented below with that same idea. There are far too many people that don't even know why their Instructables are missing from recent, and like you said they get frustrated because they think something is broken. So, giving a pop-up message, a private message or even an email would help clear up the confusion.
Projects that remain stuck for a significant length of time sometimes get bumped up the list, but I understand that, in the long run, the vast majority of views a project receives come via searches, either internal searches, or external, most especially via google.

So, while a filtered project might miss a few immediate views, they do not suffer massively.

Looking at the lists, the papercraft project that comes immediately after yours, and was not filtered, has only got 8 more views than yours.
Jason Bedard (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
I agree. The issue then just becomes expectation management and communication with members to mitigate such experiences. In other words, let members know when this system auto response has been triggered.

Really I'm not too phased by this, I just wanted to put it out there for comment and idea generation.
I wonder if they couldn't just give a popup message, a PM or an email to explain the delay. It seems that a lot of people are confused by the whole process and think something is broken when it doesn't show up to recent. I get their point, and perhaps a message of some sort would satisfy some of that concern?
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