Trouble downloading .stl files

I'm trying to download the .stl files for a couple of Instructables projects. But when I click on the links all I get is a page of garbled text. This doesn't happen all the time, but probably as often as not. Any ideas what the problem could be... and how to get around it?

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If you send a link to the instructable in question and your username to a member of our support team will be able to help you.

Troy aka tomatoskins

Lardo (author)  tomatoskins1 year ago

Thanks. I'll try that.

Lardo (author) 1 year ago

Just to show you... here's what I get when I left-click (1st image), and right-click/Save As (2nd image)

left click.jpgright_click - Save As.jpg
Lardo (author) 1 year ago

Yes I have tried right-clicking/Save As. All that does is allow me to save the .htm, but not the .stl

Have you tried right-clicking and Save As?