Trouble with multiple entries in a contest?

So I wanted to enter two projects into the current Metal contest.  I entered one without a problem, but my second instructable for whatever reason can't be entered.  It is eligible for contest entries as far as I know.  When I'm on the page it will allow me to submit in other contests, just not the metal contest.  I checked the official rules and under section B, paragraph 3 the rules state that multiple entries are allowed, though only one entrant can win a prize.  So then, why can't I enter another recent instructable?  

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seamster1 month ago

The open dates for the metal contest are from October 30 to January 8, 2018, so only things published within those dates will show up as eligible to enter. The open dates are noted further down on the contest page, so they're easy to miss:

Hope that helps!

work_simple (author)  seamster1 month ago

Ahhhhh... Okay, that's the reason why! Thanks for explaining that seamster. I wonder why the admins have it set up that way. I feel it would be better simply to say an instructable can be entered in three contests, regardless of a published date. It's so easy to miss a contest! Also, the current policy encourages me to simply write and instructable and not publish it until an appropriate contest came up. Sigh. Well, maybe when I run my own website I can make up the rules! Thanks again for the explanation, I do appreciate it.

There is a lot of logic and reasoning behind the way everything is run the way it is, but it has evolved a lot over the years and will certainly continue to as well. The goal is to continually improve, so feedback is always encouraged!

For more info on the how's-and-why's on contests, this is a good starting point for the curious:

That is a few years old, but mostly still applicable I think. Cheers!

work_simple (author) 1 month ago

When I tried to enter the instructable it was a weekday, so not sure that is the issue. But come Monday I will try again and keep my fingers crossed. Thanks!

Had that problem myself a long time ago and solved itself by submitting the Ible on the next weekday instead of the weekend.
Sometimes all it takes is a humans touch but these are often busy with family and things like that during the weekend ;)