True Shotgun

If anyone has been around knex guns for any period of time, you'll notice there are an amazing amount of misnaming going on. For instance, just because something has a pump does not make it a shotgun! A shotgun is a gun that fires little pellets of ammunition called shot. After looking at all the supposed knex "shotguns", I only found very few that actually fired shot. So I set out to make my own, and this is the result:

A true, pump action shotgun that fires three green rods at a time from a shell.

EDIT: Now an instructable

Picture of True Shotgun
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spyglass8 years ago
yea definately post it looks great and sturdy and hopefully ifyou do post we will see if it fires great also ill be watching this space
its been posted since april of last year.
ajleece8 years ago
looks good. mayby post a video??
flames103919 years ago
its posted.
wow, you really want that shotgun!
i guess i do
smidge1479 years ago
there's no point in it being pump action if you have to load it everytime you cock it.but if it had a mag which held the shells then the pump would be useful.
DRADIS (author)  smidge1479 years ago
I made the gun for two reasons: 1. To capture the spirit of a real shotgun. In this respect, the pump is good. 2. To inspire. I wanted to inspire other people to make cool shotguns. I couldn't come up with a good mag system, so I went the direction of the shell. Maybe others will create a better gun with a mag. But you are right. On this gun, the pump serves little purpose other than making it cool.
even though the pump was from the osnjckma2
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