True, or just a crazy vampire hoax?

Alright, I have recently seen some stuff going around about vampires, and people claiming to be real vampires, and about how the white house is acknowledging the existence of vampires. I would start Here. I would like any information or insights you guys can come up with. I am very interested in the outcome of all this.

Picture of True, or just a crazy vampire hoax?
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IrishNymph8 years ago
I keep hearing you refer to vampires as nothing more than bloodsucking monsters. Now I have no choice but to ask how you know that? Have you personally seen them kill anyone? even if you had seen ONE of them kill a person how does that mean that each vampire is guilty. people commit murder every day but that does not mean that you or I am a murderer, does it? I never understand why people are so cruel and heartless. I agree fully that IF(IF,mind you)they are killers they should not be allowed to live among humans. But we make such a big deal of being a civailized race yet you speake of nothing but killing the first vampire you see before you even know if he/she/child has killed any one? wWhat if they haven't? Do you realize that would make you the killer, not him/her/child? You people need to stop watching so many movies and just believing what you see!!!!! And If ANY of you are christians you should think long and hard about what you were just saying and or whether christianity is right for you. I really don't mean to be rude but that makes me mad and that is the best advise I can give you, try to think of all people as good until they prove you wrong,PLEASE
i completely agree with you i am a REAL vampire and have never harmed anybody i hate the way that people think they can judge all vampires on something that ONE vampire might have done and what they see in the movies all you people should start judging each vampire as an individual not just as a group of blood-thirsty killing machines even REAL vampire slayers will not kill a vampire unless they are sure they have harmed or killed anybody. I really wish people would judge us for who we are not what we are.
Well, of all the vampires ive encountered, most of them were not nice at all, my slaying count to date is 53. Lets hope your not one.. im not sure how i would feel taking out a fellow ibles member..
im so sure. if you have slayen 53 vampires your the most prolific serial killer in like... ever
KainX gmjhowe8 years ago
53!??! You liddle liar, you told me you had a few thousand under your belt!!

oo... perverted double meaning!!
no no, you confuse yourself, 3053 is my age... I don't come across many vampires in my line of work.
*curses and digs around for old claim* Well, you handle this case guvna, I gotta put down that nest of 'em in Forks, Washington...
Ok, well if they get too much for you, just drop me call, and i will time port over.
*currently in Forks* BLOODY HELL!! So many peeplez!! >teenage girl screams "HE'S A SLAYER!!!" Err no ma'm you see... >mob screams "GET HIM!!!" *is mobbed, beaten, and possibly violated by crazed fans* Jaaaaakkkeee!!!
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