True trigger

I need help putting a true trigger on my gun

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zach2420046 years ago
hope i helped
zach2420046 years ago
all u have to do is make a small hole in the barrel right after the handle and add a triger simular to the mac 10 triger
Oops! i meant Drewzer667's idea Sorry!
Should you try moving the barrel back a bit or you could do lib7's idea and take off the shooting mechanism on your gun and put lib7's idea on. I made it ages ago its really good, but sometimes it James and the trigger doesn't work, go where the red and he orange part join and make sure that a small part of the orange connector is inside the red connector. You might hear a slight click, that means its gone in properly. Hope this helped!
Drewzer66710 years ago
true trigger
Hope i helped! :)
Metal4God10 years ago
well its easy it has a block trigger so heres a link for a similar problem