Try me Button

I got a few of those Try Me buttons off some Halloween things I bought, are they a complete waste or is there something you can do with them?

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I bought a set of led Halloween skeleton light and there are no instructions how to disconnect the try me button when you add the batteries

Goodhart10 years ago
(Sometimes, I really feel like an extraterrestrial ...) Is this button part of the carton packaging/wrapping ? or is this a part of the toy ?
On the link I supplied, it appears to be on the package. Some of these "toys" come with a "try me" sticker over the activation button on the product.
Try Me buttons

What's that thing ?
thatjawn (author)  chooseausername10 years ago
You know how you can buy motion activated things, but they have a demo "try me" button that you press to see what it does when it motion activated?
Never saw anything like that in my country ... :-/ Would you show me an example on Google Image (or an actual picture of it if you have some), please ? :-)
LasVegas10 years ago
They are normally off (NO) momentary contact switches. They would work fine in any application where a low voltage push button switch is needed.